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  • Roy Roy Jan 15, 2014 00:39 Flag

    I would just...

    Like to take this opportunity to thank you Sweet, for allowing me to make a point.

    As Drummer said, I have offered the Olive Branch a number of times. I hadn't offered it on this board though, so I thought I would do so taking into account Rikk's unfounded accusation that I only ever did so in the past with my own conditions.

    I offered you a truce (which I would keep), and there were NO conditions attached. I would expect nothing from you except the acceptance of said truce. You have thrown it back with unfounded accusations. Now I could either refute the accusations (which I am bored with), or tell you a home truth or two (which I am equally bored with).......................But a massive thank you for allowing me to prove beyond all doubt and for once and for all that THIS CHILDISH STUPIDITY IS WHAT YOU LIVE FOR, WHAT YOU WAKE UP FOR!

    Obviously asking you if you had a bit more about you than the obvious and to start a football thread or a current news thread was never going to happen!! So I thought I would let you show the watching world to see you for what you are...............a chat forum one track numpty!

    You can think it a trap....although I prefer the analogy that I simply let your nature take it's natural course.

    You take care now Sweet and rest in the knowledge that if you change for the better, I will be more than willing to give you a second chance. I don't see you looking in the mirror and seeing the person you are any time soon, as it's too ingrained............But I have faith in human kind and at some point you will have that epiphany. When you do, I will give you a metaphoric cuddle and not gloat..........After all, out beyond ideas of wrongdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.

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    • Leopards and spots, Eddy....Leopards and spots my friend......!

    • "But a massive thank you for allowing me to prove beyond all doubt and for once and for all that THIS CHILDISH STUPIDITY IS WHAT YOU LIVE FOR,"

      Now THERE is your true agenda, it had nothing to do with a truce, you knew Sweet wouldn't fall for that one twice, she was obviously going to ask for clarification after the 'Lenny' episode, you knew that, and was just waiting to gloat, instead of answering her concerns.

      Dumber will be masturbating over this, he may even send you a video of it, if you ask him nicely, after all, you brought him here.

    • "You have thrown it back with unfounded accusations."

      Unfounded accusations?


      I can see no accusations, this is what she posted ....


      "...all you have to do is tell me...and the forum ...who who you are now... and have been...and what you've done...

      ...in other words ...I can't make a truce unless I know who else is signing up to it....so just as soon as you tell the forum who I'm talking to here...and how many of your ID's are involved in this "truce"...I'll sign up...can't say fairer than that...can I....?

      Kipper Roy...Eddy ...Lenny.....Uncle Tom Cobbley ...?..

      ....I'm sure you'll forgive me for being cautious...because the "signature" list for this truce could be longer than the Holy Bible's "begat" list.....so much inbreeding....

      ...look forward to hearing from y'all..."

    • "Truce...?...sure...no prob..:)"

      That was Sweet's reply to your offer of a truce, Kipper, what was wrong with that?

      She asked only that your sock-puppets were to be a part of the truce, what's wrong with that?

      The last time you two had a 'truce', of sorts, 'Lenny', who was also you, carried on abusing her.

      She has a point, ever idiots like Dumber can see that.


      Even in this thread you show your true colours with this remark ..... "I will be more than willing to give you a second chance." .... you'll give HER a second chance?

      You should be asking for her forgiveness.

      You're an #$%$, kipper, a misogynist, an abuser, and you attract those of a similar ilk.

      I keep suggesting Sweet contact your wife, but she refuses to stoop to your level, which says a lot about both of you.