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  • Pasty Smasher Pasty Smasher Jan 16, 2014 00:05 Flag

    The money involved in signing players

    Ok, something regarding football and transfers.

    Manchester City signed Negredo for £16million.

    Manchester United signed Fellaini for £27million.

    Now, let that one sink in..


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    • Now, which idiot would be daft enough to cough up £27 million for Fellaini?

      Oh, that's right, Man U under 'the chosen one' Moyes! LMFAO

      Now Moyes is eyeing up Sunderland's keeper Vito Mannone, which begs the question, is Moyes trying to unsettle Mannone or his own butterfingers goalie, the 'dougnut' thief David de Gea just before the League Cup semi-final second leg?

      What I find funny though, is that Sunderland have a habit of buying Man U's old cast offs, but here's Man U interested in an Arsenal cast off that's recently signed for the mackems, how quickly the times change ey?

      OINK OINK!