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    Greater Manchester Police have been forced to release a statement warning football fans not to waste their time after a Moanchester Ushyted fan phoned 999 and "demanded" to speak to Sir Alex Ferguson. LMFAO!!!

    The phone call was made by a supporter in a 'drunken state' after Ushyted crashed out of the League Cup to 5under1and on penalties.

    Funny though, the caller was from the Crumpsall area in North Manchester, who'd have thought it, a Moanchester Ushyted fan from the Manchester area.


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    • The Manchester North branch of Greater Manchester North police released a friendly statement on their Facebook page asking fans to not waste their time in such a manner again.

      "Obviously, it can be a sad and depressing moment when you’re (sic) football team loses a game, however can we all please remember that 999 is to be used for emergencies only. For any other police related enquiries that are not an emergency, you can ring 101.

      "If you would like to speak to Sir Alex about recent football results we here at GMP Manchester North can only suggest you try ringing Moanchester Ushyted FC directly as you will probably (not definitely) have a much better chance of getting through to him there rather than ringing the police"


      Moanchester Ushyted fan are officially TITHEADS!!!!

      OINK OINK!