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  • Roy Roy Feb 15, 2014 00:57 Flag

    As a point of order....

    All those names McHaggis said about on the Crime board that she seems to think don't rate Drummer or Myself and were only kind to Drummer out of politeness or pity...................They had perfectly polite contact with both of us many times!

    Despite McHaggis's rallying call to get everyone on here side against me, they had none of it. I forget their names now (the women I mean, Janet, Nicky etc),I had cordial chats on Crime with them many times................Tis a fantasy that McHaggis spins to big up her popularity and put other people down. It didn't work on Crime and it ain't faired no better on here.

    I presume she will respond when she has left rehab? Either way.................The point needed making. Not to everyone else but to her. I know it's true, Drummer knows it's true and the poison dwarf knows it's true.

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