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  • OINK OINK OINK OINK Feb 16, 2014 10:05 Flag

    Rooney gets new contract - worth over £70.2 million

    So Moanchester Ushyted are going to splash out a minimum of £70.2 million to keep Rooney at Old Toilet?

    LMFAO!!! Looks like putting in transfer requests, sulking and giving the silent treatment works wonder for some footballers at the world's most fickle football club, first Rooney wrapped Fergie around his little finger (cows in a field, anyone?) and now he's went and done it to Moyes too!

    You've got to give credit where credit is due to the fat, granny humping, ciggy smoking, pie munching, balding, lazy scouse fooker, he can certainly squeeze as much cash out of Moanchester Ushyted as he wants and the stupid, fickle fanbase there still chant his name and think he's marvellous!


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    • looks like RVP has seen the writing on the wall too Fab...after all , who wants to play for a struggling club...

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      • Just read that Moyes has been assured by Moanchester Ushyted that they will back him to the hilt financially, I take it that means Moanchester Ushyted will revert to their usual tactics and BUY SUCCESS?

        Nearly £30 million spent on Fellani and nearly £40 million spent on Mata already, plus there's Rooney's new £70.2 million contract to come and a £35 million plus bid on Eliaquim Mangala on it's way, yet Moanchester Ushyted fans whinge when City, Chelsea and Arsenal splash the cash?

        Why is there always this different rule for the Moanchester Ushyted d!ckheads and a different rule for everybody else when it comes to splashing the cash, as in, it's ok if Moanchester Ushyted do it but it's not fair when anyone else does it?

        OINK OINK!!!