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  • Kel Kel Feb 19, 2014 15:15 Flag

    ...calling for back up!!!....buzz...click...click...ISPs...IQs...back up!!!

    ......i just turned on my secret dutch internet police IP address scanner and what do I see but a message from that racist with DOGS BREATH....."Hey, Kel, where you been? The United and Arsenal boards are still going, the URLs have changed though. They won't let you post links here, but if you take the first part of the URL above, to the first forward slash, then add this ...... /mb/?bn=UKS-FO-manchester-united .... you'll get to the United board, just change the team's name at the end to get the other boards"...buzz...click...click...it looks to me like someone in Australia with a very low IQ is trying to get the troops together to help him out on this board...buzz...click...click...quick get your ISPs...IPs...IQs and racists drinking nodogoshi beer...that is comedy at its best...click...click...IQs...PWNED

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    • I see Altree failed to get fellow Moanchester Ushyted fan 'Kel' to return to this forum and back the silly old woofter up!

      Not a surprise really!

      Poor old Butch, nobody wants to be 'it's' friend other than 'och jock' Sourblindless, who has also been very quiet since Moanchester Ushyted's defeat against Olympiacos!

      HAHAHAHAHA coincidence? I think not!!!


      OINK OINK!!!

    • LMFAO - I wonder who else that silly old fruit will try and desperately beg to return here to help him as an ally?

      His online fluffer Le Poof/Hissy Chrissy has been AWOL ever since I humiliated him over the Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit saga, and even the likes of the odious slaphead Harris and that gonad mu_devon wouldn't take a pee on Butch to put out the flames.

      Never mind Butch, your pal "Haggis flaps the half-wit" is the only one here willing to back you up, even if she's on her own personal agenda of typing "Kipper" in every single message she posts and wittering on about the "Crime Board" that nobody ever really gave a #$%$ about! - PMSL!!!