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  • OINK OINK! OINK OINK! Mar 7, 2014 10:49 Flag


    Yet again Altree is FLAPPING 'it's' old gums.

    OK, time to put up or shut up Butch.

    Right, show everyone this PROOF that you have, that I've never been to Mexico/Mexico City and that I don't live in the South of France! Plus you can also post my real name etc because I know for a fact you don't know shyte about me, all you are is a stupid old fool who thinks that 'it' can intimidate people over the internet.

    I've issued you similar challenges before and you've ducked out of them every single time, usually by getting everything deleted and then claiming it was me etc etc etc

    You're the serial deleter on here, not me.

    Come on then, let's see what info you've got old woofter, you can post it below!


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