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  • Roy Roy Mar 20, 2014 16:38 Flag

    Just found this on the Cairns Blog

    What a complete and utter bunch of self righteous crap!

    John Downer is another of Rikk's ID's. I love the bit he calls someone else a criminal and himself a law abiding citizen!! Also, plenty on the site have the exact measure of him. No matter what side of the globe people are on....................nobody falls for his utter rubbish!! LOL

    "Comparing yourself to Gandhi and Jesus?

    Now that really is funny, I had to check the date, but guess what .... it's not April 1st!

    You're a criminal and a liar Bryan, whatever spin you choose to put on it, and you're deliberate about it too, nothing Christian about that, but very Catholic.

    "In this case it comes from a supporter of Cairns Regional Councillor Alan Blake"

    Does it? Show me where I have supported Blake?

    I have constantly and clearly stated that I am neutral in this, I believe MM was wrong, stupid, naive ... and that Blake is an arsehole, but entitled to sue .... according to the laws of this land that you consider to be below you.

    You're a criminal, I'm not, you're a self publicist, I'm not, you want everyone to know your "good" deeds, I don't.

    "John Downer"

    Law abiding citizen".

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    • LMFAO you must have touched a nerve with Altree, he's been on a snitch and delete frenzy, all the replies to this post have gone!

      Like I said, there's nothing in Cairns, just loads of Chinese tourists with cameras heading off to see the Great Barrier Reef, no wonder the old woofter is on here 24/7 pining for the UK.

      Funny how the ten pound pom is desperately trying to cover his tracks over that Cairns Blog, once again 'it' has been reduced to a squirming, flapping mess coming up with stories and acting the online hardcase.


      OINK OINK!!!