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  • tony tony Jul 20, 2005 05:42 Flag

    Why dont we spend????

    Im sick to death of picking up a paper and seeing all these clubs buying good players and no one mention of villa spending...i know its Doug ellis it has to be but surely we are worth risking splashing out on a couple of real good players its been about 5 years since he has digged deep to sign anyone half descent.. Every year is the same they buy a couple of 30 somethings with names just to put bums on seats who have had there better years at other clubs...Surely something has to change..

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    • Why the hell are we not interested in Saviloa cause he is class we need someone whos already partnered angel before, Losing Vassell was a big blow, We need someone like robbie keane or something wiv that spark thank god for philips come on villa we need baros now!

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      • Hey Tom, you know what really annoys me with the players situation is Phillips was brought in because we needed more strikers and the the genius Ellis sells some one who only a few years back turned down the chance of £10m for from Man Utd. Our arch enermy across town must be paying Doug some serious cash to run our beloved club into the ground. I was really excited that the bookies made Villa fav to get Baros last week and was ready to forgive Doug once again but of course he has used his usual ploy to get season tickets sold with false promises. He maybe running for Prime Minister soon as this is the sort of tactic used on election campaigns. The sooner that guy goes, the sooner we can challenge the likes of them across the road because I think we are starting to trail behind them.


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    • Like I said previously the transfer market is a bit flat for everyone at the mo, But Baros is still a major possibility as is Ashton of Norwich. Villa will up their bid for Baros later this week. But as a previous thread stated it is better to be solvent than in a load of debt as when ( not if ) someone wants to buy old Doug out we will be a far more attractive proposition and net someone with plenty of money to invest. Come on people lets be a bit more optimistic Bolton to be the first victims at Villa Park in 11 days, and if their not then start whingeing.
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    • It's time for O'Leary to wheel and deal. Unfortunately Ellis is no help... Well thats the way he is every year, This season will be tough...www.SoccerGossip.com

    • Funny you should ask about strikers being available, aren't Michael Owen and Raul now open to offers . . . ?

      (Yes, that is a joke, I'm afraid)

      For me, the test is whether Villa can finish above the likes of Middlesborough, Spurs, Man City etc. If they do, then I think pre-season optimism is justified. If not, then the club is just drifting, and something drastic will need to be done.

    • Very true...

      I know we shouldn't look to the past and should look to the present and future but we always finished top seven when Gregory was there, is there a reason we can't finish there from this season? Time will tell...

      As for my thoughts, we could have tried to get one more season from a fully fit Vassell - he was unlucky on the fitness side last season... shame, 'cos it doesn't look like we'll get Baros now. Any more strikers on the horizon?

      I think we have the team to do quite well this season but we'll soon see...

    • Villa now have a decent midfield with a fair amount of competition for place (if Djemba-Djemba gets a chance, he could prove to be a great signing). The defence looks pretty strong too. Unfortunately, we lack a consistently reliable goalkeeper (wasn't Niemi available???), and the strikers cannot play 2 consecutive games without ending up on the treatment table.

      Baros is a player who is very underrated at club level. Signing him would be fantastic, but why bother spending £6 million on a proven international goalscorer, when you can pick up an ageing first division donkey for next to nothing? Geoff Horsfield anyone?

      (That was sarcasm btw)

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      • I agree we should be moving on now and the likes of Dean Ashton of Norwich possibly Baros spring to mind
        Losing Vassell I dont see as being a major loss, but we all know that we lack strength in depth.
        ref defence I still think we are weak and maybe Disten can do a job for us.
        Goalkeeper ,yes ok Sorensen made a few mistakes last saeson and we all know who he saved his biggest blunders for !!!
        But as keepers go I still think he ranks amongst the best in the division and Taylor impressed me when he made his Arsenal debut , so lets see what unfolds

    • I dont think we should panic yet, if you look at the market it is kind of flat, Everton who have qualified for the Champs League and Bolton who are in the UEFA Cup are both having problems bringing players in, I have heard that talks involving Milan Baros have taken place, so we must wait and see if anything happens there, but I think its all to easy to mistake fact with fiction, just because a paper links you with a player doesnt mean its actually true, I think we will see a few more new faces in at Villa Park before the start of the campaign, But I would like to see O'Leary splash at least 6 Million on one class big name player.

    • I agree. you have to go back years to see proper money being spent, back in the days when we were 5 points clear at xmas!the players we have are ok, but we are A BIG CLUB! yeah, you see the big clubs signing 30 year olds dont you?! O'Leary's done a good job but he's gotta convince Ellis to take the plunge and maybe lose a few million to just try to bring the club forward. otherwise it's gonna be mid table again next season!