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  • Soccer Soccer Jul 29, 2005 02:53 Flag

    Why dont we spend????

    It's time for O'Leary to wheel and deal. Unfortunately Ellis is no help... Well thats the way he is every year, This season will be tough...www.SoccerGossip.com

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    • There's a few things us Villa fans often forget in our persuit for glory...

      Deadly has kept us on an even keel and debt free while finishing top half of the table - yes, I'd love european football too, but would you rather us spend megabucks, get heavily in debt and end up another Leeds? Even Man City are £60 million in debt at they don't seem to have been spending left right and centre!

      The other thing you have to think about is how many clubs want to get rid of their best players just before the season starts? (not many, I'd say). That's why we have to relay on players such as Philips or Berger (even though I think they could be great signings for us!) It's also not easy to attract the best if you are out of the top three or four.

      So we have to decide what we want... spend loads of money with no guarantee of success or keep plugging away how we are (it's already better than last season). If we go for the first option and get heavily into debt then the anti-Doug brigade will be happy again as they can blame him for not keeping a closer hold on the purse strings!

      That's my thought anyway...

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      • I do get the point you make about keeping Villa solvent & safely in the Premier League. Even Arsenal & Man Utd have had problems getting the players they want - it seems any half-decent player is only concerned with Chelsea & Real Madrid.

        However - I do start to worry when a club like Villa is not seen as a better option by players and agents than (say) Man City or Fulham (ref: Malbranque). Unfortunately, this suggests that Villa is seen as a club which is content to coast along, lacking either ambition or European football.

        Stability is an essential starting point for improvement. It should not become a way of life. Sadly, that is exactly the signal that Villa send out. £20m to spend, yet, instead of building for the future, they sign players with 2 decent years left in them (Phillips, Berger).

        No, we don't want to end up like Leeds. At the moment, aspiring to be like Bolton would be nice though . . .