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  • Villaman Villaman Aug 17, 2005 15:28 Flag

    David O'Leary - The Greatest

    Dopey O,Dreary, I've got a great bunch of lads but I've no money to but better!!! that's starting to wear thin. The truth is he has money and HE cant attract the players, Beattie, Bellamy..... he has spoken to them and they have gone elsewhere or is that the Chaiman's fault as well ? Ship out two young internationals (Hitzlsperger, Vassell) and bring in two has beens (Berger, phillips) and then expect improvement and start talking about Europe ??? He needs to stop moaning and do the job he is paid to do else bugger off and let someone else (who wants the job) have a go.

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    • Baros 1-0

      Bouma coming in.

      PIPE DOWN.

      O'Leary is the best we've had since Ron Saunders. WAKE UP.

      He's getting the backing. Beattie not signing was a blessing for us. Hope his Champions League football was worth it. Bellamy is after $$$$ so we (a) don't want him, and (b) couldn't afford him - no problem there then.

      Vassell going is the best thing to happen to Villa since O'Leary joined. Getting paid in to the bargain was even better. He's an England player, but not a Villa player. Tommy (Hammer?) scored three times last season. BIG DEAL.

      If you don't watch out Brian Little/John Gregory/Graham Taylor might return to haunt us.

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      • PIPE DOWN ???? We've just lost 4-0 to WEST HAM!! with 9 of the 11 O'Dreary's men (with a 10th coming on). Both Little and Gregory's record at Villa tower above this clown. Little 4th, 5th and 7th plus a league cup win. Gregory's record 6th, 7th and 8th, Uefa qualification (twice once through intertoto) and an FA cup final. I'll take this kind of 'haunting' over the 'If were lucky we'll finish 10th' mentality of the current manager.

        Bouma looked like a star at West Ham Didn't he ?? maybe we can do a Berson and loan him back to Holland next year to keep the wage bill down!!! I don't know about pipe down, going down more like. The best signing this clown made was allowed to go back to Newcastle leaving a midfield full of creativity. NOT.
        Good luck with your delusions I'm not wasting anymore money watching this debacle.

    • im a big villa fan also but i disagree with what your saying about david o leary i think he has had a big clearout of all the crap that other managers have left for him (which balances the books keeps doug happy) he is one of the best villa have had europe is in our sights this season after the big shakeup keep up the good work oleary

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      • I cant see how anyone can talk about Europe and what a good job has been done!! the squad is the same size as last year with no more quality. His latest target Baros clearly does not want to come and play for him, He still hasn't bought cover at left back, not enough creativity in the middle of the park (and before anyone says Berger he hasn't played anything like a full season since 1999 and has scored 13 goals in 5 seasons..No further questions!!!) ... the list is endless. Europe? My A***, a relegation battle is more likely. One of the 'Crap' he has just cleared out has gone to liverpool for £7M. The small heath mongrels must just love all this, I know I dont!

      • He said is squad is small and then getas rid of 4 squad players to bring in four, i am not good at math but we still have a small squad