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  • I think Baros is a great signing. Top scorer in Euro 2004. When did we last sign a player with that kind of record?

    If he is a flop at Villa - I think the manager has to take the blame. Baros is a quality international goalscorer, so let's hope he gets used properly. (By which I mean NOT as a lone striker in a 4-5-1 formation!)

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    • Some rate him as a 13 million pound player, I would disagree. He didnt fit at liverpool but a great replacement for vassel, who is also worth more now he has moved. Everyone is happy, apart from liverpool.

    • He hasn't set the world on fire yet, but our midfield general could well turn out to be Djemba-Djemba. Remember, Fergie originally signed him as Keane's replacement. The fact that Keane goes on forever means that he never got his chance.

      Hopefully that will change at Villa. We simply cannot attract the top players, so it's up to O'Leary to ensure that those who didn't quite make the grade at their previous clubs get the chance to do so with us.

      The alternative is to go picking through the ashes of relegated teams all the time *cough* Sunderland *cough*.

    • yes, baros is top notch quality, i cant believe liverpool are gettin rid of him? abou time we bought real quality into the team and go with a 4-3-3. Its the only way to win games by scoring, not defending Mr o'leary!!!

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      • We have been painfully shy in front of goal and we have been in need of a great forward for years but he is not going to win games on his own theres no point in having a big gun if its got no ammo.
        We need a general in midfield, Roy Keane for 2 years maybe,someone who will smash into people and command respect,we are too nice and get bossed about too easily.
        Davids for a couple of years would have been a good shout.