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  • Alistair Alistair Sep 1, 2005 09:31 Flag

    Our Squad :-)

    First Team

    This is what I got from the web, you know any more or if things change, please update the post.

    1 - Sorensen, Thomas, G
    13 - Taylor, Stuart, G
    ??? - Masalin, Jon, G

    ??? - Wilfred Bouma, D
    2 - Delaney, Mark, D
    19 - Ridgewell, Liam, D
    21 - Cahill, Gary, D
    18 - Hughes, Aaron, D
    20 - Drobny, Vaclav, D
    3 - inj Samuel, J Lloyd, D
    4 - Mellberg, Olof, D
    5 - inj Laursen, Martin, D
    ??? - Grant, Lee, D

    ??? - Milner, M
    ??? - Bakke, M
    23 - Berger, Patrik, M
    17 - Whittingham, Peter, M
    24 - Davis, Steven, M
    14 - Djemba-Djemba, Eric, M
    15 - de la Cruz, Ulises, M
    6 - Barry, Gareth, M
    7 - Hendrie, Lee, M
    8 - McCann, Gavin, M

    9 - Angel, Juan Pablo, S
    10 - Baros, Milan, S
    22 - Moore, Luke, S
    20 - Phillips, Kevin, S
    ??? - Stieber, Zoltan, S

    Not bad hey, and the 'BEST SIGNING' of the lot?

    I'll say David O'Leary!

    But must say, Nobby our number one player last season was to be my first choice, I will miss him but wish him the best, he want's to play great football and I for one look forward to seeing it, even if it must be at Newcastle.
    Have fun this year guys, a world cup season is always a classic. You know DOL, DD, and avfc could supprise us all this season. If Deadly Doug had been the chairman of Leeds six seasons ago, DOL would be in a leauge of his own right now. Its good to see DOL linking up with some of the old Leeds school here at Villa. I feel DOL is truley comminting to Villa now, and dare I say it DD is enjoying his football once again.

    Chuffed Villa Fan "...win or lose, we're in the game...".

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