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  • Woody Woody Feb 11, 2006 18:06 Flag

    Who would you have In Your Best VILLA 11 and why

    Players Id have to Include would be:
    1. Mark Bosnich
    2. Mark Delaney
    3. Steve Staunton
    4. Paul McGrath
    5. Ugo Ehiogu
    6. Gordon Cowans
    7. Tony Daley
    8. David Platt
    9. Dwight Yorke
    10. Milan Baros
    11. Gareth Barry

    Bossie was a solid keeper whilst at Villa Park one of the best in the world.
    Solid defensive line Stan and Del pushing forward knocking the ball in the box for the attacking men to tap in. Ugo and God Solid would have been unbeatable Ugo had the pace and Strengh God could read the play like a book he never needed to run.
    Sid could play the perfect pass from midfield and Platty would put the ball in the net and help the strikers. Tony Daley a personal favorite of mine skillful winger loved attacking players, Gareth Barry some might think an odd choice put he is versatile plays some great football has a good shot and has played well this season, Dwight Yorke a proven goalscorer need i say more, another odd choice Milan Baros pacey goalscorer given the right service would be a great asset to the club hard working as well

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    • Without doubt our best striker has been Andy Gray.
      I remember watching him score a brilliant hat trick against
      Bournemouth when we were in the old third division !!
      And for a brilliant winger dont forget Chico Hamilton boy
      was he quick...

    • Have you forgotten the European Cup winning side who also won the league,what about Andy Gray ,Bruce Rioch, Charlie Aitken and before that Blanchflower, Graham I could go on for an hour, in days gone by Villa were the team to beat, ,in the last ten years I have not seen a player who would get into the European cup winners side, how many International players have we had??, I cant agree with the selection

    • My team would be
      1 Mark Bosnich
      2 Kenny Swain
      3 Steve Staunton
      4 Allan Evans
      5 Paul McGrath
      6 Des Bremner
      7 Gordon Cowans
      8 David Platt
      9 Peter Withe
      10 Tony Morley
      11 Tony Daley
      Subs Gary Shaw,Gareth Barry,Jimmy Rimmer,Andy Townsend andDennis Mortimer.

      Bosnich was a decent keeper in all departments except his kicking.Swain defended well and got forward.Staunton wasn't the best defender but he made up for that with a wonderful "left foot".Evans was solid and popped up with the odd goal.McGrath was just class...enough said.Bremner would run all day and get stuck in(very under-rated).Cowans could put a ball on a sixpence.Platt was a player who would create things and score goals.Withe was a good "old fashioned " centre forward who went in where it hurt,and scored goals.Morley ran at players and scared the life out of them,played a big part in Villa's title success.Daley was a little inconsistent but on his day he was a real threat.
      This would be my Aston Villa 11.
      Manager Ron Saunders.

    • I quite like the following 3 5 2:

      Bosnich - Best GK I've seen play for Villa

      Southgate - Class
      McGrath - God
      Mellberg - Good player suffering from the mediocrity around him.

      Daley - Nice and quick
      Platt - Goals from midfield, great timing of runs
      Cowans - Calm, assured and great passer
      Barry - Best of the current lot and could play the more defensive role.
      Little - Top rate.

      Yorke - Top quality striker and creative
      McInally - Contentious choice, in because he scared defences.

    • my best 11 would be

      Delaney southgate Alpay Bouma

      Solano Hitzelsberger barry

      carbone Baros Yorke

    • Great team. I'd want to see Andy Gray up front though. Even if he is a bit of a whimp on TV I have never seen a better header of the ball - and he's only about 4 foot nothing !
      Bosnich, Staunton, McGrath and Cowans were excellent - they could have played in any world class team - worked their arses off and were always good even when the others played shyte. As for Dwight Yorke - a magician - but imagine he'd put his energy into playing footie instead of sitting on the ManU bench and shagging for the Sunday papers - how good could he have been !!!

    • Can't really fault many of that choice (though Delaney whilst certainly solid, best 11 I dunno). What about Gareth Southgate, and some of the heroes of 1981-2 (Spink, Withe).
      Who'd be your all-time best single player? McGrath?

    • the best ever villa 11 from about 1977 would be
      1.rimmer 2 swain 3 aiken 4 mcgraph 6 mortimer 7 platt
      8 gray 9 withe 10 cowans 11 morley. my grandad used to take me to villa park in the old witton end when i was five and though i uesd to spend a lot of time sliding down the bank on a piece of cardboard,before i became a holte ender i remember great players like lochead,cropley
      sammy morgan eyes of blue,ray gradon,gidman,rioch-what a shot and recently players who have played for us with passion are yorke,mellberg,southgate,townsend,saunders are also amonst the best. just hope we can get a new chairman and spend some cash and bring quality players and the good times back to villa park

    • Spink,
      Barret, McGrath, Southgate, Staunton,
      Cowans, Platt, Bremner, Houghton,
      Little, Saunders.

      With Yorke, Morley and Mortimer on the bench, what a team!

    • i reckon youve got most of them in there geezer, some great legends of B6 there, Daley, Platt McGrath. Baros is a 50/50 cos obviously he is a bit inconsistent, i'd probably go for Yorke up front because of his record.

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