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    O'Leary OUT



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    • AT LAST.

      JOB DONE.

      O'Neill Please.

    • And Doug Ellis!
      What's happened to this club man?
      In the 90s we had potential. We were finishing in the top 2/3/4 regularly.
      This would mean Champions League football now!
      Ellis has dragged us down!
      Mid table boring club to strugglers!
      Just look at teams like Wigan,Blackburn,Bolton,West Ham!
      They're no better than us! So why are they finishing near to Champions League positions?

    • I am sick of this villa team and manager. as it has been for the last 10 years no creativity!!!. I dont want to be some who just says get rid of the manager when there is no one to come in. However crap O leary has done who is going to come in and who would want to come in? We have a team that should at least finish mid table. I really hope that the management team radically work on the team this summer and throw caution to the wind.

    • Ok so dol out.........then what? the next manager to come in has the same shit to deal with, no cash, my sugestion would be for ellis to go,we will never do any good while he is still at the help, we need fresh investment.ellis out I say...then change the name of the ellis stand for someone more worthy of it.

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      • I disagree DOL shouldnt go he should become our youth development office or youth team boss cause he only plays youth team players.
        In all fairness DOL has got a small squad at his disposal but he constantly plays people out of position from what I hear Agbonlahor is a talented forward so why play him right and left midfield when we got more experienced players in those positions on the bench??? Bouma no a great season play in Centre Back thats where he plays for Holland why not for us??? Gardner meant to be a central midfielder played every where but, How about Lee Hendrie meant to be a midfielder but usually plays from the bench, we may have a small squad but we have adequate cover in most positions.

    • i back O'Leary. Given the funds and a respectable wage structure (which lets face it Villa have always lacked), O'Leary has the necessary clout in the game to sign the kinds of players Villa should have. We almost got Paul Robinson as his first signing but the deal collapsed due to Ellis' reluctancy to pay him 20,000 a week.

      Im not an 'Ellis out' merchant either. He HAS put his money wwhere his mouth is with Atkinson, Little and John Gregory; you cannot say that isn't the case. It's not Doug's fault if a manager blows 7 million on a tosser like Stan Collymore.

      O'Leary should STAY!

    • To the song of amazing grace!!!!

      VILLA! VILLA! VILLA! VILLA! VILLA! VILLA! VILLA!! .....VILLA! VILLA! VILLA! VILLA! VILLA! VILLA! VILLA!!!! come on the VILLA! love you forever!!!!

    • Its extremely clear to me that Dolly is Droopy Dougs puppet. The comments after a game and the comments about the fans having to manage their ambition sound too scripted to be just DOL. The walk over to the Directors box after the Blues game proves how much he loves his master.

      Yes i agree Dolly should go, the fact that he hasn't is testament to how much control Droopy Doug has over the manager. In previous seasons Droopy would have got shot at christmas and until he sacks Dolly he wont regain the title of Deadly.

      For the good of Aston Villa F.C. Droopy and Dolly should leave now.

    • The record of DOL speaks for it’s self, he inherited a poor side and he has made it worse. Despite the constant whining about squad sizes and lack of money his judgement has been shocking. He has been unable to retain players and replaced them with worse whilst spending lots of money to do it. Does he have a worse squad and less money than Sam Allardice, Paul Jewel, Alan Pardew, Alan Curbishley, David Moyes, Mark Hughes, Stuart Pearce????? There is not a lot in it. The clear difference is their ability to get the most out of what they have, and shop around for good players at low prices. The evidence is there for all to see:-

      Players Signed.
      Sorensen £2.25M – Erratic at best, McCann £2.25M – Probably his best buy but hardly a worldbeater, Laursen £3M – Injured when signed, injured now, Solano £1.5M – Great Player, could’nt keep him, Djemba Djemba - £1.5M – Not Played, Berson £1.6m – Loaned out, Bouma £3.5m – Overweight & injury prone, Baros £6M, erratic and only here because no one else wanted him. Apparently has a ‘get out clause’ after the world cup!!!, Phillips £1.5M – Injury prone past his best. Hughes £1.5M – run of the mill full back. Stuart Taylor £?M Better than Postma? Who knows. Milner Loan, not even our player!!!! Worth a lot more now, Well done Dave! And not forgetting that wonderous signing that is Patrick Berger!!!!!!!! One of the few capable of making a free transfer look like bad business.
      That amounts to about £25M which is not Chelsea levels but is significant. Would you therefore trust this man with serious money? I wouldn’t

      Players released.
      Crouch, Vassell, Hitzlesperger, Solano, Postma, (you cant tell me that these players would not have been a benefit to the current squad?) all sold for a grand total of £5M – Great Business!!

      And reading some of the threads on this site this is all the Chairman’s fault? Well I beg to differ.

      Finally the biggest error of judgement by the manager is for him to underestimate the intelligence of the fanbase. We all know that we are a way off Champions league and that UEFA would be a challenge but to start making excuses about a bottom half finish before a ball is kicked in the summer is a disgrace, whatever happened to ‘talking up’ your chances. Villa fans have been starved of success for a long time but do appreciate people trying hard and moving in the right direction, making excuses and telling fans they need to ‘manage their ambitions’ is a insult to the name and tradition of Aston Villa, and something that the manager is now learning to his cost will not be tolerated.

      It is ironic that only the threat of fan revolt drags the manager from his ‘great bunch of lads who are not quite good enough’ rhetoric into talking positively about the future of the club. I honestly thought DOL would be a breath of fresh air, instead he arrived with an attitude that said no matter what I do it’ll be better than the last chap so I can say and do what I like and know my job is safe. He has shown no passion, no flair, no commitment and certainly no empathy with the club or its fans. Fickle we may be but as the real ‘owners’ of this proud club that is our right. DOL parading second class football in front of us and expecting us to be grateful is the reason why we don’t like him.
      Time for someone who wants the job to have a go Me Thinks!

    • Sorry but DOL shouldn't be the subject of your Anger, it should be Doug. DOL is one of the best managers around. Its pointless to get rid of the manager only to be in the same situation. It hasn't worked for the last 4 or 5 times, why should it work now.

      The manager always gets the blame, but its not his fault, its Doug's. The club needs investment and that's the problem, not the manager.

    • Having read some of your messages may I just add some reality here to the situation. I am a Villa fan for over 40 years and a shareholder.

      It will be no good keeping or sacking the manager until the future of the club as a business is finalised. The club at present is in limbo.

      Though I am not a great fan of Doug Ellis....he has kept Villa on a sound financial footing...and outside the big six we are one of the few clubs in the Premiership who are in a healthy and stable financial position. (Unlike teams like Newcastle who if the banks pulled the plug would go the same way as Leeds Utd or even worse).

      My thoughts are that a take-over has to happen...though at the moment looks very remote. The last bid failed purely because the potential buyers weren't interested in Aston Villa FC but in the land they owned. (Funny but they come from a Home building background)....So potential asset strippers yes they may have been. So this situation needs to be resolved sooner rather than later...and Doug ain't going to go without the financial renumeration....I feel he deserves.

      As for Mr O'Leary I am indifferent...he does seem to be in a comfort zone....but I feel that without the business resolved no resources available he may decide to pursue his career elswhere... The big question is who do we get in....No one will touch the Villa without having the financial resources put in place...to devlop and progress the great Claret and Blue....'Come on you Villa'

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