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  • I would like to thank Birmingham City in advance for losing to Blackburn this evening, making Villa mathematically safe and making a speedy exit to the championship, a third nail in the coffin. just the three of you to fight it out for that last spot and Portsmouth dont look like their gonna lose it do they.

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    • We'll meet again,
      Don't know where,
      Don't know when
      But I know we'll meet again some sunny day

      Going down like a cheap hooker!

    • isn't it funny how the small heath alliance can only talk about c**ks all the time. Isn't that because they pay money to go and watch their own bunch of c**ks all the time down at sty andrews.

      you wont be shouting for much longer. remember, you ARE the scum of the midlands. Even Walsall are better than you bunch of fairies!

      I still can't recall the glorios roll of honour over the shite side of town, smell it I can but as for the titles and trophies how does that work out... Lets see

      Aston Villa Roll Of Honour
      League Cup
      European Cup
      European Super Cup
      League Champions
      1st Div=7 2nd Div=2 3rd Div=1

      The Shite Roll Of Gloom
      League Cup
      1963 - Villa felt sorry for the scum!
      Forgot to enter!
      European Cup
      You're having a laugh!
      European Super Cup
      Now you're really taking the piss!
      Mickey Mouse Cups
      Leyland Daf & Autowindscreens

      How long you been in the top flight scummers? The English Premiership was the Elite League in Europe til you got here. You brought it down but now justice serves and you're going back down to bring the Elite League Status back.

      Go away and die you little saddo's

    • I think julie needs a good seeing to cause she's obviously delirious with the statement she made about the 50,000 stadium blah blah. bye bye julie and lulu see you in a couple of deckades

    • Congrats to Pompey for a superb win today and another nail in the blue coffin.adios amigos see you in another 16 years maybe but I wouldn't hold my breath LMAO!!!!!!!!

    • Well some people!
      lot of inferiority complex's in the Villa camp!
      is it because of the size of their penis's or maybe their lack of intellect?
      they say that men with small dicks are usually flash and drive big cars, well if that is the same in the football world, would it not mean that loyal blues fans that have followed their team through thick and thin, who have stood by their manager and would travel to grimbsby and torquay if neccesary to support the CITY OF BIRMINGHAM.....ARE HUNG LIKE HORSES!
      sorry villa fans, you may be flash, but with winkles the same size as your pea sized brains....you aren't going to be much of a hit with the girls (or the boys)!
      We will always be there, you will always be looking over your shoulders, and someday,maybe soon the CITY OF BIRMINGHAM will rise, build a 50,000 seater stadium, and put the Villa into administration....you know it will happen!!!!
      we are Birmingham!you are not!
      any real Brummie supports the club which started humbly as Small Heath, before joining forces with teams around Birmingham to become the one true CITY OF BIRMINGHAM team....Fact!

    • I don't need viagra, just the thought of the blues being relegated gives me a raging horn!!!

    • Oh well F....d that one, jumped the gun a bit didnt i. Fair play to em, thought Blackburn were dire and deserved to get beat. Still think you will go down though, Portsmouth's run in is easier, all you can do is win your games and hope for the best.

    • F**ked you prediction scum we are now coming to get you b c f c stating up so we can pay you scum another visit
      a v f c
      another visit from city
      this time lets see who wins and it won't be your bunch of w*****s

    • you have no chance go back to taking your crack mannnnnnnnnnnnyou need it following the vile