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  • bluenose bluenose Apr 22, 2006 02:35 Flag

    Congrats BCFC

    Well some people!
    lot of inferiority complex's in the Villa camp!
    is it because of the size of their penis's or maybe their lack of intellect?
    they say that men with small dicks are usually flash and drive big cars, well if that is the same in the football world, would it not mean that loyal blues fans that have followed their team through thick and thin, who have stood by their manager and would travel to grimbsby and torquay if neccesary to support the CITY OF BIRMINGHAM.....ARE HUNG LIKE HORSES!
    sorry villa fans, you may be flash, but with winkles the same size as your pea sized brains....you aren't going to be much of a hit with the girls (or the boys)!
    We will always be there, you will always be looking over your shoulders, and someday,maybe soon the CITY OF BIRMINGHAM will rise, build a 50,000 seater stadium, and put the Villa into administration....you know it will happen!!!!
    we are Birmingham!you are not!
    any real Brummie supports the club which started humbly as Small Heath, before joining forces with teams around Birmingham to become the one true CITY OF BIRMINGHAM team....Fact!

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    • yes but the problem with that is they would all want to support our fantastic club BIRMINGHAM CITY F C would you want them at our club with our loyal fans???????????
      ....PRIDE OF BIRMINGHAM.....................

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      • You insist that your joke of a club, run by porn and smut peddlers, is the pride of Birmingham?

        You insist that your shambles of a club, battered by a Villa team half-made up of youngsters, is the pride of Birmingham?

        You insist that your sorry excuse of a club, currently in a relegation battle, is the pride of Birmingham?

        Not only are you small time, but you're also small minded, small heath scum.

        Enjoy the Championship next year, ladies!