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  • Well lulu at least you'll get reduced ticket prices for next season eh.And maybe even more the following season in league 1.

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    • just 3 games to go... what more can we say...

      Bet you sad little hooligan wannabies are so looking forward to playing teams of your own standard down there in the plastic championship!

      Bet your bunch of low life big money players will stay just as long as your 20,000+ attendances down in the saddo's league!

      Well, lets see how many of you sad losers will be around in 12 days time as you wave good bye to the elite league and say hello to the compost heap down there in the 'lower leagues'.

      Best you can hope for then is a chance at a cup fixture but rooney has more chance of picking a winner than you summers playing the Pride of the Midlands and the BEST TEAM in the land of ASTON VILLA.

      I just heard rooney has placed a cool million quid on the scummers staying up......... your doomed!!!