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  • Kraig Kraig May 8, 2006 23:22 Flag

    Summer transfers........

    If Ellis isn`t willing to dip his hand in his pocket i think we should start a donation tin or we may go down next year (hopefully not i`d cry!) what d`ya reckon??

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    • We might just get some italians on the cheat(oops) cheap now that they have relagated 3 of thier top clubs, mind you ellis will prolly only pay about £100 a peice for them.

    • After reading the statement the players issued, it has jogged my memory.

      Didnt Ellis say at the beginning of last season he was finally going to dip into his pocket and let O'leary loose with some cash?

      Dont think that ever happened did it? or did I miss it?

    • well i certainly agree that O'Leary is a crap manager and douglas ellis is a crap director!
      They look doomed to go down this season with infighting, lack of new signings and angry fans ruining the club.
      on the other hand i would back Birmingham City to go straight back up!meaning the 2007/2008 season will see villa in the championship and Blues in the premiership!
      O'Leary is a massive liability, he has few friends in football, other managers do not respect him, this is not good if you go into transfer negotiations!
      Steve Bruce has great friends in Arsenal, Charlton, Bolton, Man utd just to name a few, this is invaluable for picking up players such as Matt Upson, Jermaine Pennant, Bruno N'Gotty etc.
      my advice is Get Ellis and O'Leary out now!- before your club end up in the conference!

    • I heard somewhere that the groundsman who paints the white lines is FAR too expensive. We could sell him and get a bunch of kids and lots of chalk - and have you ever considered that if 30000 fans all brought a bag of grass seed we could do the pitch for free.
      Come on - Villa are (and hopefully always will be) a premiership club - other crappy little clubs with crappy little grounds seem to be able to find a few million for players so where the f*** is the cash going to at Villa Park? Villa used to have some brilliant scouts who found brilliant players - maybe Doug has sacked them and saved a few quid.....Something doesn't add up if we can't even attract a name that anyone has even heard of. I'd love to see Dwight Yorke back if he could use some of his brilliance on the pitch instead of in bed making news for the News of the World

    • in Championship Manager if you build around these players for Villa you will rule english football

      1) keep Mellberg, Sorensen and Barry
      2) sign Mariano Gonzales, Johan Absalonsen, Arek Radomski,
      Dean Ashton and Andreas Hinkel

      3) Wish Championship Manager was real!!!

    • Doug Ellis give money don't be silly!!! last time he did that he needed a triple bypass.LOL. Better off getting that sindecate that was going to buy the club. So they can fund the team.LOL

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      • That syndicate cost us the ability to do anything in the tranfer market at Christmas, on passing round the tin even if 50,000 Villa Fans all chipped in £100, you would only just about Buy James Milner and pay the squads wages for a month.

        Blues are reported to have to put in £2 Million to stave off bankruptcy, Maybe we need Baros to do well at the world cup and a shrewd bit of business to swell the coffers,cause without the academy kids we would be stuffed this season and follow Blues the next if we are not careful.

    • Where do you get the idea that its Ellis's pocket that the money comes from?

      It is sky money put into the club and if I were daft enough to renew my season ticket it would be my money put into the club and not into Ellis's pocket.

      But then I am not that daft I wont buy another ticket for Villa Park until that man goes for good, I am fed up of the self promotion.

      Finally to all you Ellis supporters a question. If he is that good as a business man how come he has built a club that seemingly no one wants to buy? Could it be because he has made it valueless as a football club?

    • DOL mention getting some young players to come in. This looks positive on lowering the average age of the team but could just be a ploy to hide the fact no decent players would want to come to villa park.

      He also signal that he have to sell Angel & Baros in order to finance further purchase. So why do we buy Baros in the first place? I don't believe many clubs will go after Baros with the buy-out clause amount as he is not the kind of player whom will score consistently. No doubt he's talanted, but he just won't score many goals.

      I personally dont believe that selling both our strikers will improve our club's situation. Selling the club will definitely have some impact, or selling the chairman.

      Our club already some of the smallest squad in the league. Some players whom we should definitely get ride off are: Berger, Djemba Djemba, De La Cruz, Bouma & Laursen(if he gets long term injury again).

      I plead with you guys to stop subscribing to watch Villa next season. You will be disappointed once again, watching your team dishing out this kind of unattractive soccer. I've watch us totally out played by even lousy opponent this season. THIS IS A FACT, FELLOW VILLAINS, UNLESS WE HAVE ELLIS OUT, THE CLUB WILL NOT MOVE ON !!!

      Any shareholders on Villa board here, pls tell that old man to go out if he wants the club to improve !!!