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  • probablygraham probablygraham May 19, 2006 00:34 Flag

    O'Leary must sell before buying????

    I don't know if it's me but I reckon if we sold the whole squad we wouldn't raise enough to buy 1 decent player. This is just getting f***ing ridiculous. Who could we sell that would raise REAL money? And with the mood at the moment there won't be much money coming in from season ticket sales. How do other clubs do it? I can see Villa as a third division side with balanced books in 5 years if nothing changes.....

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    • well i would think you must realize that your problem is and always will be d.elis.ye alright i am a blues fan and i ain't here for any crap but don't you think you need some more money????????? elis ain't giving your club any so i think it's going to be a lonely season in the prem for you and demoralizing one at that

    • We need Ellis out but who we gonna have to replace him....his son, unless the club gets a buyer and gets the Ellis family totally out. As previous messenge, Ellis is supposed to be a businessman..... how my sides are splitting with the laughter. What Ellis is doing is pocketing the money and for what...he cant take it with him when he's dead. It's about time Ellis retired gracefully and got some young blood into the club. Someone or some people who are prepared to put the money in and buy a few quality players. We should be top 6 every season not struggling to stay in the premiership.
      I gave O'Leary the benefit of doubt when he first came to the Villa...now its time he walked. He doesn't inspire any confidence whatsoever.

    • pity no other clubs are intrested in oleary cos that would be the best transfer of the summer for villa. crap manager working for a crap chairman. a small bit of advice for ellis, if you get a new manager and give him the funds to buy some decent players, we can challenge for euro places then a good run in europe gets your cash back via tv and advertising. youre supposed to be a good buissnessman ellis, never heard the phrase "speculate to accumalate"? were not talking about risking doing a leeds just enough for a few top class players who can make a difference.

    • We do have players worth money (Davis, Barry, Cahill given the potential, Baros on his day) but I think the point should be doing everything we can to keep them. I also think the management could do more to boost their confidence and I believe in doing so their performance. Your second point really interests me - I think we have a comparatively large stadium, albeit seldom full and we don't have a huge squad so where is the money going? Are West Ham and Tottenham, for example, running up huge debts buying players etc or can they do this on their income? If they can why can't we? My feeling is that when players like Dean Ashton, Michael Dawson etc become available, we should at least have a chance financially of signing them. I genuinely can't understand why we can't compete with similar size or smaller clubs. I know we pay O'Leary far too much but even that should be small change to a club and organisation our size. Any ideas?

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      • Villa players dont click thats the problem. Villa has good players they are just not motivated. Angel and Baros are both amazing but they need time to click. U cant just make perfect stiking partners in 1 game it takes a long time. If u can get both of them to play well together and keep them injury free which is a problem with half the villa squad. I think Villa needs a new goalie, because ours if awful. We should also try to keep our players not sell them because most wont get much money for them and are young and can get better