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    any advance

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    • Actually I think the asking price is something like £64m, as an Arsenal fan it does not much matter to me, but this could be good news for Villa fans. Your side underperforms currently and a decent manager could get you near the top six next year, a decent manager will only come in if Ellis goes and they get a bit of re-shaping money, the bid has come in and Ellis is apparently keen on it which should mean he goes, a new manager comes in and you guys then finish around top six next term..... the prem will be tougher if that happens and with more challengers like Blackburn, Spurs, West Ham etc and now potentially yourselves it could open up the race for the title and some of the established top teams currently (chelsea, Manu, Liverpool, Arsenal ) could find themselves out of the CL or even out of the UEFA spots at the end of the season if they are not up for it each and every game.

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