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  • Wayne Wayne Jul 27, 2006 23:51 Flag

    Hopefully it'll be Neville

    We surely don't want anything to do with the useless states of america, come on, I've only been back a year from living there and I was glad to wipe the shit off my feet as I left.....SAY NO TO LERNER or it most surely will be regretted. Here's a quick hint, not many in America have heard of the Cleveland Browns. Mind, not many in America can spell the Cleveland Browns but I digress, we DO NOT want anything to do with America.

    Sven Goran Eriksson, jees, after his uselessness with the national side, come on, need I say more?

    A Villa supporter whom wants to appoint Martin O'Neil as the manager and whom has the drive and passion to make Villa great again.....it's a song we can all know the words to and are surely all singing from the same sheet as he really can be the only choice.
    Come on, Doug, make the right choice for the club and for the fans that make the club what it is, we're sick of being laughed at and we don't need an American joker or a Swedish clown to make everyone else laugh harder at us. Neville all the way.

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    • Which footballer are you talking about...Milan Baros? If so he's hardly past his time at 24 years old.

      Aston Villa will soon become a powerful force in football once more and as soon as Doug Ellis has left and Michael Neville takes control then this can begin to happen.

      I am glad that Lerner will not own Aston Villa as I don't like America and the way they do things to what they do own. I did think you were American due to what you were saying.

      proč to říkáte mně? o co jde?
      nashledanou příště ....... mimochodem, nebuď tak hloupý.

    • thanks for the writing, tribalpictures, and yet more fuel is now added to the fire that will hopefully keep burning until this Lerner is not on the Villa scene.
      Michael Neville is my hope to succeed Dead Doug, he has been for some time, and the reason why is because he has the heart to let Villa be great again...this Lerner is a money-grabbing American prick who would most likely ruin our great club simply by being as Americans generally are.

    • Firstly, the American scumbag Lerner, who is a big Bush supporter and has paid for all of his election campaigns is an evil bastard who Villa should want nothing to do with. Simple.

      Neville is a Villa fan etc. etc. but him and his consortium haven't the funds to move us forward. To compete with the top four plus spurs, newcastle, blackburn(!) and even bolton and west ham, we need to spend big-time. And he hasn't got the money. What the hell good is wanting your club to do well if you can't afford the players to do it? So he 'understands' the fans, whatever that means (we want to win, like every other fan. Am I wrong?), but what use is that? Ellis wanted success too, he just couldn't afford it.

      I hope the Dubai-based or Saudi bids win it, because they aren't political and have more money than god.

      Gio, your point was truly pathetic. I can't even be bothered to spell out to you why.

    • Your rant might make some sense if you weren't doing it on a website created and operated by Americans. What are you doing on Yahoo!?

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      • Despite having supported Aston Villa for all of my life I, personally, would sooner contract diarrhoea and sign my name across the ground in squirted shit trails than support a club owned by Americans......you're not known as the useless states of America idly as it does come from a proven track record in everything undertaken by your sorry and pathetic dump.....apart from talking bullshit with an envious and unparalleled fluency, of course, America does that wonderfully well!