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  • probablygraham probablygraham Aug 14, 2006 18:34 Flag

    Will it work with a Yank in charge?

    Great to see Doug out and one of my favourite managers in, and (we hope) stacks of cash for players - but can an American really understand what it means to be a footie fan in England - and more important a fan of a club with the tradition Villa have got? I would love to believe it but I just don't see it. I reckon in the long term all the things I love about this great club will disappear. I hope to f**k I'm wrong...

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    • What you have to remember is that randy lerner lived in chester for nearly four years and still has the house for when he spends time over here. He is a massive fan of english and european football and has been for the last 15 years spending his spare time at premiership matches on weekends. He knows his stuff, let him do it !!!

      The fact is that he is here to stay, which is why he wants total control of the club, it's future and it's interests so I think people should cut him some slack.

      Neville can only just scrape the money together, as for av06 they need to join forces to get a transfer pot together ! then what ? 20 million isn't a lot of money in the premiership ! If he can get to his age and make all that money, he can't be that bad. I have a few shares in my wonderfull club and I am just about to sign the forms to let him buy them, I would suggest the same to any others. Let the good times roll.

      We were heading for the championship with the filth so don't start moaning when a billionair comes along to build the club back where it should be.

      Not all americans are the same. Not all nurses are fit despite the uniform !!

    • So de we now call you Celeveland Villa or the Aston Browns?? Cant wait to see your cheerleaders LOL.
      Remember football is now a business not a game.

    • Listen Villans, seems to me that anything other than Ellis can be a good thing for you because even with O'Neill, Villa will struggle this season as Martin hasnt had enough time to prepare. Were crying out for investment at Anfield, you should be grateful

    • I returned to live in England last year after 4½ years in America and I have such a sour taste in my mouth that anything from the Useless States of America has anything to do with Aston Villa.
      With Americans the answer is pure and simple, if they get a quick return on their investments then they're happy but if they don't then the shit will hit the fan and we will all regret Lerner buying the club. Let's hope he does get a quick return and we don't see the Villa sold off down to the bare bones as Lerner tries to take too much too soon.

      Another problem is Lerner's funding for Adolf Bush and the Republicans as this will surely make Villa Park a target for the vast multitude of people that despise America because of its overseas policies to aim their anger towards and which will happen purely because of whom now owns it. Let's hope that there's no terrorist agenda in the future because of this point on whom now owns Aston Villa.

      I believe that Aston Villa should NOT have been sold to some arsehead American who's simply trying to grab a piece of something that has a history to make up for everything else he owns that has not.
      Why on Earth the offer from Neville wasn't accepted is a mystery......keeping Aston Villa completely English surely has more appeal to me.

      On a final note: Lerner should not have been allowed to buy Aston Villa due to him being so bloody ugly! He would walk any audition for a part in The Bash Street Kids --as 'Plug'--

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      • Wayne - I must admit those are exactly my feelings - you just put it in a better way :-) I would have loved to have had a Villa fan taking over - this isn't just some club, it's what has made generations of us laugh, scream and cry and I simply can't see an American understanding any of that. In fact I doubt if he can even understand anyone from Birmingham :-) Still - if we get some new players and have a good run I doubt anyone will complain - including me.

    • i've been a villa fan all my life . im villa through and through and i believe that this american can only bring back to life the villians. dont get me wrong doug ellis has brought villa up to a standard of premiership. but we needed someone to lift up that standard and make us feel proud once again to be a villa fan and i believe that person is mr lerner . plus now we've got the best manager in the premership too . GLORY DAYS WAS ONCE DAYS AT THE VILLA AND NOW THERE COMING BACK .

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      • I have to agree. This is the best news Villa Park ahs had in years. This is not just a new player, or a new manager, this is a complete change of board along with the necessary funding, which will reinvigorate a stagnating club.

        The coolest thing in my eyes is that we now have a Marine Corps General on the board. General Charles C. Crulak, an ex Joint Chief at the White House, USMC Commandant, and Vietnam and Desert Storm Veteran is now going to be on the board, and if that doesn't strike fear into the hearts of our players, nothing will! Play well or you'll get the General on your ass!

        Semper Fi, Villans.

    • notice how BCFC fans are in an army or a zulu?! grow up you tossers, the only thing going down is brucie on your chairmans knob!!

    • 1 wanker out another one in his place nothing going to change your still going to go down this season