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    Bad credit for the Blues

    The Birmingham City official credit card is run by Randy's oufit. Sullivan is going to have to sell a lot of jazz mags if they're gonna compete...

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    • Cast your minds back to May 2002. Blues get promoted to the Premiership. As a Villa fan I actually had a fear that they could genuinely challenge us as the city's top club and given a sustained period of success (that means winning "trophies" blue noses, not just beating us in a handful of games) they could even overtake us. How things change! The events of the last few months have now convinced me these fears will never be born out. Villa have been, are and always will be the top club in this city.

      P.S. Blues fans may like to look up the words "winning" and "trophies" in a dictionary

    • well said jon,the more i listen to the likes of worcesterlulu and tiltontwat the more i believe in fucking birth control.Things can only get better now doug has gone,so lets all look forward to new and better things down the villa from now on.Doug did the biz for us many years ago and now the future is looking good.SOTC

    • make the most of what tilton? the fact that we have a good manager now and we will have some money to soend so all the worries of last season will soon be forgotten and we'll be in the top half of the league, im not overly bothered if we are not competing for the champions league positions, the main thing is we will be in the premire league for a long time now and who knows about the top 4. either way we are going to have a better future than you. once again we are birminghams top dogs and you are still playing sencond fiddle. all the digs u noses had at us at the end of last season when you went back down saying our team is shit, which to be fair we were shit. i heard we were near favourites for relegation which all you noses were loving. but how things have changed these past few weeks. noses just cant handle the fact anymore that we are still pride of the midlands. you are just a joke club now still believing you are better than us. it is you that is the mong not me you fucking MONG! you all live is a fantasy world desperate to try and get one over us and yet again it has back fired. so why dont you go back to the championship message board, you dont deserve to write on the premireship message board loser!

    • what time next monday for school then let me know,will make sure we have your striaght jacket ready.mong

    • Nice one Jon,couldnt have put it better myself,enough said.

    • anyway did randy blisterhand not sell his company?.if so he does not own it anymore?so he's got load of money to waste ON WANK MAGS.i bet he has the IRS after him so he has to invest money to make a loss.....NEWS FLASH..VILLA TO CLOSE,VILLA PARK BEING REDEVELOPED FOR CAR PARK.

    • randy's buying them !!!!! after all the villa's attracted another wanker$OTV.best customers in the world?villa fans official.

    • looks like another wanker at the villa,

    • Well Blues fans are a bunch of w*nkers after all!