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    what a fantastic start

    what a fantastic start to the new season, 2 wins 1 draw, new manager, new owner, think this has to be the best news any villa fan would want to hear..
    we have been waiting for this for too long, and now its finally here,..

    Onwards and upwards The Villa

    Villa til I die

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    • go on the villa , cant wait till jan transfer window , lets bring milner then and screw newcastle ! ( Birmingham shity i hope your watching the villa ! ) .


    • Oh yes its is finally here the end of an underachieving era i think, just hope that the fickle villa fans give it time and do not expect too much too soon give o'neill and lerner a season or 2 and i think we will be there but look out for mid table / uefa cup spots this season. And then look forward for us pushing onwards

    • It's true, the Villa fans should perhaps have been more supportive previously, but without the drop in attendances, and the fans showing their anger at games wanting ellis and DOL out, then maybe the Villa revolution would not be happening now.

      For such a big club with such a great base and history, I think Villa fans have been more than patient with our club over the last few years where we have been under-achieving.

      Oh yeah, and gayzulu, fuck off. Your club has no history, and no achievements. How can you possibly dare compare your pathetic bunch of relegated bluenoses to us - have you ever won the top league, or won a european cup? When did you last take any silverware to that crappy little stadium in small heath, with half the capacity of the great Villa park? Go on, back your stupid talk up with some achievements. Are you trying to say you wouldn't rather Bham Shitty FC had our history - wouldn't you swap our achievements for your failures?

      Everyone in the world knows Villa are a much bigger and better club than you small heathens. All the pundits have been saying it forever.

      You are just a bunch of bitter wankers who like shooting your mouths off, with nothing to back it up.

      Stay jealous of us, it's well funny.

    • It sure is a good start........and now the clock is on to time the new found 'Chelsea faithful' (LOL) to see how long it is before they say, 'Well, I meant I support Villa, really, or was that Manchester United, or was it Blackburn, or Arsenal? Phew....did anyone notice I'm really following whatever team looks good this year?'
      Whomever does follow a team that looks good this year had better look towards the claret & blue, is all I can say........same for next year, and the next year etc etc.

      Good news about Petrov as he is some good player that will be a big, big favourite of the fans.

      Glory time is set to happen once more!

    • its a great to be a villa now new hope, bcfc had the only chance of living with us blown out the water buy the randy man thats the only rude thing about him. unlike porn city the perv brothers

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      • what a relief the start of the season has been. first of all the arrival of martin o'neil was probably more important than randy lerner taking over. if we were stuck with o'leary then we were in serious trouble, i feared the worst that right now would be be at the bottom of the table rather than standing proud in 2nd place. this comical rivalry with the noses is going to disappear some what since we should be and hopefully moving onwards and upwards up the league table. being realistic i cant see us finishing in the top 4 at the last game of the season but.... who knows what can happen. top 6 uefa cup could be more realistic or maybe have a good cup run whether it be f.a cup or carling cup. what im tryin to say is that it's a great feeling to be involved with Aston Villa F.C once again and to me it looks like the players are are excited by the look of their performances so lets look forward to a great season what ever the final league position maybe top 10 finish under o'neil and randy lerner would feel like being premireship champions than o'leary and doug ellis just hanging on to the league status.