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    Is the takeover of English clubs by foreign investors good for the game and the fan on the street? If West Ham is brought out then 25% of EPL clubs will be in foreign hands. I write this as a serious question for research and would appreciate serious answers.
    I am not a Aston Villa fan, but I intend to pose this question to all clubs, be it foreign owned or not on various websites.

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    • it poses the question that wenger was on about, English values but I find it ironic to say the least that a french bloke in charge of a "foreign" team of players and not one English player in sight should say such a thing, it's all about the money nowadays and an English club winning a European cup don't mean as much as it used to due to the fact that it's not really an "English" team winning the said tournament.
      sorry for going off track on this but I think it's relevant to the question.
      cheers...........up the VILLA
      p.s. remember when we won everything in sight with just Scots,English,Irish and Welsh players.

    • This is my opinion as a lifelong Villa fan, based for the last 12 years in Hong Kong as an economic migrant. When asked about foreign investment in any history-rich company, of which football clubs are a very emotive example than say the example of British Car Companies, I believe there are x2 primary concerns:

      a) Will the investor, be they foreign or not, both understand, nurture and expand the emotional capital that is the essence and lifeblood of the club, way more than the sum of the assets - bricks and mortar & players. Thankfully, I feel that Randy Lerner is a true Sports fan that understands this in a way I do not feel Malcolm Glazier does. Mr Ellis and comments made in previous postings, true he is Claret & Blue to the core but did not nurture and expand the emotional capital of the club which is such a wonderful asset.
      b) With no local UK emotional ties to the club/company will the foreign investor be more likely to use the club as an investment vehicle – selling out, cashing in, dumping stock etc.. Frankly, as a business man myself; I can’t see that an investment in a football club is a particularly great investment. Abramovich has spent way more than the Chelsea would fetch in a sale – this has to be a sign of an emotional not financial tie to the club.

      The one unique insight I think I can provide to the readers of this message board, living in Hong Kong is the popularity of the English Premier League in Asia. Regularly seeing local people stay up till 2/3am for their club’s big game. Seeing most pubs in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand etc. all showing more EPL matches in their pubs than most pubs in the UK! The game is bigger than just the UK, my one desire is that the pubs in Asia continue to show EPL matches and not Serie-A or La Liga – this requires a global awareness to reap the benefits of having a genuine fan-base outside of the UK.

    • in an ideal world I think most villa fans would have prefered a life long villa suporter such as Michael Neville to take over rather than a foreign invester but the reality is a football club needs more than just fans to succeed. Nobody can dispute Doug Ellis is claret and blue to the core but unfortunatly cash is a major factor in acheiving even moderate success in the premier league at this time.
      For villa at least it seems that we have found someone in Mr Lerner who wants to take on the club, its taditions and history and bring it on to the next level, but when you hear rumours of a possibble take over at west ham and the preported investors planing to use the club as a talent showcase it has to be bad for the game and the fans. As a football fan I would hate for foreign invester to come into anyclub and walk all over their history and traditions just to make a quick buck. Clubs such as pompy, fulham and fingers crossed villa appear to be heading in the right direction.

    • in reply, i can only give my honest opinion as a villa fan, in our case a takeover was needed to insure our future, as doug ellis had nothing left to offer the club or the game.as a rule though i dont think it matters where the money comes from , if a lot of new money is being invested in our clubs it can only be good news for english football and the economy on the whole. my serious question is why should chelsea have the monopoly on having seemingly unlimited resources? if you gave the choice of a foreign billionaire or muddling along as usual to most football fans, i think youll find that the majority of fans wont care where the money comes from as long as it brings success for their club.

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      • Its when the massive cash coming in from abroad is from a dodgy source that is the problem but its a problem for Governments to sort. However, would our Govt step in at say Chelsea and say their buy-out could not take place as the Russian Govt want they "Stolen" money back? I think not and I doubt whether Chelsea fans or their players worry where the money comes from....

    • this is a country full of foreigners, and is getting worse,there is definately problems ahead!!!! when they all pull out we will be skint and english football will be in grave danger of being back to football nobodys, but at least the frnrs brighten up our league for now!!!!

    • I am a lifelong villa fan and have no problem with foreign investment in my club. I think the real concern is how the money is spent. I would be disgusted if we became another Chelsea. If we did I would seriously consider whether I wanted to spend my money at the club. Chelsea have bought success. That is not what football is about. I want to see investment in Villa's development scheme and I want to see Villa produce the next generation of English talent. That should form the backbone of a quality team, not a bunch of overpaid pre-madonnas who only care for their next pay cheque, not their club.

      Glad I saved up my air miles!!!!

    • well I am a villa fan and it remains to be seen if our new owner is good for the club. I can only say that from my point of view I think that the new owner will be better for the club than the egotist we have had to endure for the last 20 years I know of no other club that has a stand named after its chairman. In my view Ellis was only interested in the promotion of himself by contrast Randy Lerner does not seek the limelight. That will do for me.

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      • I agree. Only time will tell if Mr Lerner is any good for Aston Villa. If he brings the profile and achievement level of the club up and gets us winning trophies I won't care what country he comes from but like I said, only time will tell on that front.

        But here's hoping for myself and all Villa fans