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  • absolutevillan absolutevillan Dec 7, 2006 19:21 Flag

    What is going on?

    Where the hell are you all Villa fans? This has got to be one of the quietest boards at the moment!

    Come on guys, find your tongues!!

    Also, is it just me or does Worcester Zulu seem genuinely stupid, I mean severely lacking in intelligence. Every comment he makes is like a childish schoolyard swipe, with nothing of any value being said.

    Zulu, you really are thick. I mean it, it is obvious. I just wanted to see how many people noticed.

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    • Hmm. maybe so, can't really disagree with you there either. I just hope there are some decent players available. we don't want make-weights. it's nice to be talking about ambition again though, not lack of it!!!!!!

      up the villa

    • I agree that we need to sort the defence out, not the strike force. Look at the last 5 results. That sort of scoring record is near as dam it level with the likes of Chelsea, United and Arsenal. However, the fact that we are concedeing far more goals than these teams is what is preventing us from progressing further.

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      • We'll have to wait till jan to see what santa has brought us.

      • Fair enough, a defender is also important, but a good defender is easier to get than a good striker, and I still think a striker should be our priority, that's the position that I worry about.

        We have the sixth best goals scored record in the league, and the seventh best goals conceded record, so no real difference between level of attack and defence.

        To be honest, we nedd a couple of good defenders, a couple of midfielders and a top striker.

        We have scored 6 goals in the last five games which isn't bad but not exactly great either, and our strikers are misfiring this season. Barry is our top scorer and Angel has scored the most of our strikers with only 4 goals! We've had a lot of pens too (cheers Gabby).

        I rate Angel and Baros, but they aren't doing it for us, and Gabby appears to be a winger now.

    • I reckon that we should be aiming for Europe this season, UEFA cup, even via intertoto because that would help us attract higher quality in the summer. We have as good a chance of getting there as anyone else at the moment (Newcastle, Middlesborough, Blackburn, Spurs et al have all dropped a lot of points), and we are not far off winning most of our games.

      To qualify though, I think it would take a couple of decent additions in the January window, and then we will be able to recruit real class in the summer.

      This isn't pie in the sky stuff, it is very realistic, and it is nice to have some real ambition as a Villa fan again!! I think people have got a bit too used to mediocrity, and we should be demanding more from our board and our manager.

      I mean MON is great, of course he is, but he is too focussed on keeping our expectations down, every time I hear him. Our squad is small, but we have very good players in each position if all are fit, and we could go far.

      Up the Villa!

    • Yeah, now i agree with that. The defence needs sorting in as much as Melberg at right back is ok short term but his crosses are poor when he goes down the wing. Boumer is unpredictable at best. J-Lloyds got the pace but thats about it. Cahill and Ridgewell are still good prospects but prone to mistakes. I would love to see laursen back and fit, but can he stay fit. Delaney, same, can he say fit and will he perform better at right back than melberg. But hey, it's all better than last year. I would rather we settle this year, and not buy players in Jan for the sake of it. We really need quality long term players, and if they are not available in the new year i would rather wait and finish in the top half.
      Whats everyone else think?

    • Totally agree man. It is quiet on here at the moment but that's the way it goes sometimes. i'm thrilled with the way things are going at the moment. so glad to see the back of o'dreary, and a bit of pride back at villa park. lets hope mon buys well in January and just maybe push for a place in europe. as for worcester zulu, he's a fool, simple as.
      up the villa

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      • MON should be concentrating on REAL quality in January. We should be going for big names, not average one. A proven 20-a-season goal scorer would be top of my shopping list. Defoe has never hit that target I dont think, so, as good as he is, I would want better.

        What about Ronaldo (the Brizilian one). I know, I know, but we just might get him as he wants to play in the prem, and he has got 20 or 30 goals every season, anywhere he has been since he was 17. If we want to look at Champions league, we have to look at people like that.

        Alternatives: Miroslav Klose, Luca Toni, Huntelaar, Bent, even Shevchenko as he wants to leave Chelsea and his family love England and want to stay here?

        It is OK going for Nugents or Defoes, but will they get us into the champions league?