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    Buying in top players

    Following on from the comments in the last thread, if it was your cash, who would you buy?
    I think it will be a big problem for Villa to buy big names - first of all Chelsea and United have inflated the prices for a decent player, paying nearly as much for one player as Lerner paid for the whole club, and any half decent player wants about a zillion quid a week. And if we were to buy some superstar, what are the other players going to say when they see how much the bloke earns, when they have stayed loyal to the club through the last few crappy years? I'm not sure superstars are what Villa need. At the moment we need a strong squad of GOOD players so that we don't fall apart when someone gets injured.
    When we get to be a GREAT team again, top players will want to come to the club. And it will take a while so be patient.
    Mind you I would love to see Klose at Villa Park....

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    • To right leo now he is back give hendrie a go ok off the pitch he has let himself down a bit ? But nobody can ever question that he is villa through and through and has never given less than 100%. Over last 4 years we have always looked to have more drive and fight when he plays. Yes you can say his temper gets the better of him now and again but right now it would be nice to see a villa player geting upset and involved ( exclude barry ) or walking off with head bowed in disapointment not just counting cash in wage packet.

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      I totally agree that with the current batch of injured players back, Villa wil be a better team. BUT, bear in mind that Villa, like any other team will always have players injured. I think you would also agree with me that, once the main players (e.g. McCann, Laursen and even Moore) is out injured, villa went down hill from there.

      The real battle with MON is finding someone who has the experience and is willing to say "I'll fight tooth and nail for every chance - even if it means being on the bench."

    • Well we certainly need to, because the ones we have are useless and vastly overpaid and dont care for success in their careers only that they have money for a new sports car. Angel and hendrie first and foremost should both be kicked out as both are idle and poor footballers.
      I do see progress happening under Martin O'Neil but i still think it will be a couple of years before any real changes will be seen.

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      • How are you possibly able to judge which players care about success and those who don't? You don't know them, or their mindset, and the small minded attitude that we shouldn't bring in top players so Olof does not get jealous is ridiculous - if MON thought like that we would never get anywhere.

        Look at the top four clubs in the prem, and the kind of players they buy in. They are better, more expensive and have greater reputations than those bought in by other clubs, and as a result the top four have total dominance.

        We need the best quality that our money can afford, and of course that is going to mean higher wages and transfer fees. Let us start having a bit of ambition - get rid of the crap in our team (Angel, Hendrie, Jlloyd etc) and bring in some top-quality players.


        Gabriel Heinze, SWP, Ronaldo (Brazilian - he has scored almost a goal a game everywhere he has been his whole life and Real want rid), Defoe, Huntelaar, Manuel Fernandes (the portuguese guy on loan at Portsmouth - he is top-class) and numerous youngsters from the Brazil, Holland and Argentinian leagues.

        And why not eh?

        Up The Villa.

    • After going to most of the games this season i reckon we desperately need a couple of proven strikers, we`ve had the chances but can`t convert them and definantly another defender and a midfielder. We`ve got to remember apart from Petrov (Sutton and Agathe) who MoN managed to sign the regualar 1st team is near enough the same as o`drearys and we all need to be patient. Good things will happen but not overnight, we need to get behind the team and the manager and carry the lads forward as in my opinion they`ve done extremely well considering the injuries and the changes at Villa Park.

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      • I dont think we need any ageing stars looking to end days picking up a wage. We need to look at young players that can fit around the talent the club has developed ( davies moore agie cahill and so on ) and then hopfully we can chalange for years rather than flatter for a season. 1980 - 81 squad was not a team packed with brilliance but good solid pros around 2 or 3 outstanding players. Mon is the man to find and develope players have faith villa forever.

    • I think that the one player who could do wonders for villa if he got the chance to play regularly and I think Real Madrid would sell is David Beckham.

    • we have O`Leary`s squad...O`Neill need to get his own players and then we may see an improvment cos we are sliding fast..Chelsea and Manure to play and then we can relax a bit...UP THE VILLA

    • I agree , having money to spend wont necessarily be a good thing and certainly buying superstars who will naturally demand bIg wages will upset players like Barry and Mellberg who have stayed loyal to us .Better build quietly and confidently with a sprinkling of players who have potential to do well .Buying Nugent might be a good move as well as Sidwell from Reading .I would also consider swapping Davis for Milner .Might be unpalatable to some fans but if that is what it takes to get James to Villa Park , so be it .Davis has a load of potential but in Gardner I think we have a replacement there already .Things arent so bleak , Luke Moore is nearly ready to come back and will bring out the best in Gabby and JPA

    • The only way your gonna see Klose at Villa Park is if you get a wheelchair lads!

    • After losing another game we deserved to win it is blatantly obvious we need at least TWO top class strikers, not players who are after a paycheck but decent players who want to play for Villa and match the ambitions of everyone involved with the club. I might sound like a broken record but I would love to see Darren Bent at the club and possibly Robbie Keane because they are two players who will score goals unlike Angel and Baros.

    • A couple of new defenders wouldn't go amiss, here we go again surrendering a lead and losing again.

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