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  • I agree, bring back hendrie, he's like a new man after playing with stoke, he might just be the shot in the arm this team needs right now and I also agree that we don't need mercenaries or past sell-by-date players either.

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    • You two must be joking Hendrie is a bone head and certainly passed his sell by date, unless he scored at the weekend his record was 16 games 3 goals and thats in the fizzy league. Be realistic we need to more forward and improve he's moving backwards, whatever we say MoN is in charge and he'll sign players who fit his plan and lets face it from where we were in the summer he has done remarkably well with basically the same side. We all have to accept that our personal favourites may go and thats fine with me because overall we are a mid table side and that doesn't suit anyone who supports Villa.

      Have faith