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    if it wasnt o'niell as manager?

    would just like too ask as a neutral fan(liverpool).if it was an obscure manager in your charge would you be asking for a sacking as you are in your posistion now.
    serious question.i think o'niell is proven at top level but things are not going so well at the moment.

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    • Its MOD not GOD! give the guy time and have patience. he is a quality manager and he's proved it on numerous occasions. why should this be any different. how long did it take fergie to get things right. were in the premier league not spain or italy where managers get sacked every week. lets keep it real and give him time. he'll get thigs right.

    • I totally understand what you have said, however in performances & players brought in you can see we are moving in the right direction. I always believe if you have chosen your manager wisely you should give them at least 12 months to make the neccessary changes (apart from Steve McClaren who isn't hindered by a bad squad or transfer windows!!). Next year i truely believe we will be a top 7 club & then top 5 the year after that. After that who knows it will all depend on Randy's master plan....

    • i think he just needs some time he was doin fine be for we had injuries. let him spend some money then see how he does.if we sacked him who would we get anyway?

    • Oneill has made a big gaff with Maloney.He has never been the same player since his bad injury and I doubt he ever will be.He was only just getting on the Celtic bench and very seldom played.I hope I am wrong.

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      • If you visit other villa or celtic blogs the opinion is split as to malonys quality. Some are saying he's great, others he didn't get the opportunities, others that he's overated. Notwithstanding the injury, we have not paid a massive amount, he's only a young player and he does have a good pedigree thus far, so let's give mon and maloney a chance before we start accusing him of making a gaff. Plus he wanted to play for villa rather than sign a new contract with celtic.

    • Any manager taking over a team in the state it was left by mr o'dreary will need time to make changes, recruit personell, improve the style of play etc etc. martin o'neil is a top manager agreed, but anyone in his position would need the time. The style of play is changing for the better, we create more chances but the defence is letting the side down at the moment. I am confident that we will see a marked improvement from saturday against west ham. There have been a number of recent games where we have played well, created loads of chance, but drawn or lost because of defensive lapses in concentration.

      The thought of sacking the manager has not been discussed amongst any villa fans i speak to. Even though recent results have not gone our way, villa are definately on the up. The rest of this season is about settling the squad down, bringing on the young players, and seeing what the new ones can do.

      up the villa