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  • You've got to understand,Blue noses, that most Villa fans who post e-mails here are interested in having a healthy, "intelligent" chat about our club. Since I have been posting here, I have seen one e-mail only from a Blues fan that was constructive in nature. Most Villa fans that I know would welcome as many Midland clubs into the Premiership as possible (better than the Cockney prats-West Ham, Charlton,Watford, Fulham etc...), but when you lot come over to OUR posting site and try to slag us off (which I realize is hard when we are playing Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea etc... and you are playing Cardiff, Colchester, Luton etc...)you can understand why our attitude turns to "screw you".
    Again, I would like to see Wolves, West Brom, Derby, Coventry, and yes, even B'Ham all up, but don't come on here and try to compare yourselves even remotely close to a Premiership club, or slag a club off on their own post site. You earn respect in Football and which ever way you look at it,a Premiership club gets a hell of alot more respect than a "championship" club.

    I hope to get some reaction from decent intelligent Blues fans. Is this possible???

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    • We've played four games in eight and a half weeks, but we'll be 11th tonight and 11 places above you (plus a division), and after you blow it, drop points and lose in the play-off's we'll still be a division above you.

    • Have a look at the table..4points off a relegation spot. Oh dear... Another successful season for you lot isn't it!

    • No matey, i wouldn't give you that much credit, you were just boring me. Go on post something interesting..........yawn maybe not!

    • If I'm getting up your large snout twat. All the better....

    • I've resisted posting on this thread but since i'm bored with it now........
      Nigel, f**k off back to your own board you tedious braindead moron!!!
      Ahh feel better now!


    • We beat Man Utd 3-0 in the league cup final when they were premiership champions, we beat Leeds Utd 2-0 in the league cup final when they were a premiership and champions league force. FA cup final in 2000 against Chelsea. None of this was that long ago. A few Eufa cup runs in the last 12 years.

      1963 is all you have and it was 44 years ago. We have always been a big club and you will always be the little neighbours, just like Tranmere are to Liverpool, Bolton are to Man Utd and Charlton to Aresenal etc.....I really do feel for City fans.....it must be hard living in the shadow of Villa Park......but I'm afraid you will have to get used to it.

      There will be plenty of trophy parades in the next 10 years through the streets of Birmingham........but it won't be blue. If you finish top of the championship....revel in it my friend, because that is the closest you will ever come to achieving glory.

      The future's bright, the future's claret and blue.


    • Bullshit Mervyn. Leeds and Woverhampton Wanderers have alot of history too, but that don't make them superior to anyone just because the history books say they won lot's of things in the dark old days of the old First Division long before you were born!!! Thats what you refer too don't you, cause you ain't won Jack since. And just why does wearing Nike on your shirt against Longsdales make you superior? It's just a pair of running shoes made in a Vietnamese sweatshop a £10 a pair no matter whose name is on it. The rest of the crap you talk is just your opinion, which doesn't count for much as you haven't put forward one point for discussion. Its not as if you are Man united or Chelsea and have something recent to crow about. Come back with a sensible argument or refer to Absolutevilla remarks. It rings true for you. Ok you have a dusty old trophy room and some even dustier old relics in it, and aren't we all sick of hearing about it, change the record. Players wore baggy shorts and had handlebar moustaches when most of it was won. If you like I can refer to a certain League Cup being won in 1963 by CITY, and against who???. You ARE the original Historians FC, and if the cap fits....................

    • Why are all the noses the same? they have no argument to think that city are better tha villa, i mean look at the history of the 2 clubs and anyone can see that villa are by far the superior club, in honours, money generated by gates and merchendise, Nike next year and lonsdale for the blues, hmmm which brand is better? Obv nike, the list is endless on why the villa are better in every aspect, bigger stadium, better manager, richer chairman, better board, thousands and thousand and thousands more fans, we wfill our stadium and we will fill it with 53,000 when the new stand is built, villa park is being used in the olympics as an olympic venue,we were european chammpions as in the kings of europe!!!! how many more reasons do the stupid noses need to see that there club cannot even be spoken in the same breathe as aston villa f.c?! End of story, city cannot be compared to the mighty Aston Villa.

    • You don't have to tell me about Milan, I go out to watch them every month, plenty of history and honours just like Villa, geat stadium just like Villa, more than 13000 supporters just like Villa, but you really wouldn't know about honours, decent stadium or good capacity support would you.

      Turn us over ? It'll be a long time before that happens again. Get out of you're dream world, next season we will have a new team pushing for European glory...... AGAIN !!

      The only way the Small Heath shit will ever get into a european competition is if Steve excuse (I mean Bruce) buys the team a fu**in euro millions ticket.

      Kick and rush ?? I remember playing you lot off the park when we relegated you last season, a very poor Villa team full of kids with a shit manager. We'll put you back down next season aswell, but with a squad worth more than you're stadium and a manager who is honest and not full of shit excuses.

      Tell me when we win our next UEFA cup or Champions League trophy will you dickheads steal those honours to put in your club diary ?

    • Well bully for you Guippetto. An Eytie Yim Yam and a Vile supporter all in one. Thats not a good combination or trait. I have alot of respect for the Italians but thought they had good taste in football, like Juventus, AC and Inter, Roma, Sampdoria.... but villa? Nar...You need re-educating. Come to St Andrews, The club that has the CITY's name, not the name of a rundown backstreet suburb near Lozells and get a lesson in the finer arts, not the kick and rush your used too. All route one to get your weekly bore draw. Second thoughts, you'll see that next season when we turn you over again.

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