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  • The new 'crest symolosing villa's future' was realeased earlier today, i'd just like to know how our fans ACTUALLY feel about it.

    If you havent yet seen it, it is on avfc.co.uk

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    • I prefer the old badge - new one just doesn't look or feel right.

    • AM...Ok internazionale it is. Excuse the spelling if its wrong).
      I remember seeing the first goal but sod's law meant I had to do some work just before the second. I remember hearing the roar go up just as we went into the Queens Road 'hotel' as we call it, and someone saying Villa had a second, thought it was a pen but don't know, didn't see it.

      Don't start me off on the geriatric new signings we are looking at. I've started a thread on the Blues board to try to gauge reaction. Only Andy has replied so far, Doesn't look like anyone else cares.

      At some point Blues have got to take a chance. Pay real money, and get QUALITY. thats what the Prem is about. Ive watched show ponies and donkeys one after another down there and now I am begining to dispair, Heskey, Newell, Furlong the list goes on and on. When we do buy quality like the Frenchman Dugarry, look at the reponse it got.

      The current lot are young, genuine and have potential. Andy Cole is needed to guide them until they mature in the worlds most competetive league, and I couldn't beleive it when SB said he was too expensive. Just what does he think a quality player costs now, even at Coles age?. If something isn't done, I fear the Blues goal will be like the Alamo next season. Tom ROSS as usual is right. Wonder if he fancies taking his boots down there one week. He is one of the few that can see it. Lets see though eh, early day's yet.

    • Someone needs to shout from the rooftops or English football will run into trouble, no matter how much money Sky etc....pour into it.

      The second goal at VP against Inter was Platty, can't remember it being a penalty though, on the other hand it could have been. It was the North stand end. Kent Neilsen scored the first, and it was a cracker.

      But please nige, don't put the M after Inter, they are not worthy of that. There is only one true Milan team. They were formed by the Swiss as a revolt against AC because they would only field Italian players, thus the international 'tag'.

      May sound petty but it offends Milan fans and belive it or not it also offends Inter fans, but the good old English always call them Inter Milan.

      How come Brucie has started to set his eyes on old over the hill strikers etc... again ? blues really need to start taking a chance on some younger players aswell and build on the success of this season. I was at a BRMB forum a few months back when MON was answering Q & A from Villa fans and I spoke to Tom Ross about blues and he reckons the blues board just keep setting ' a survival agenda ' for Bruce, rather than a long term one. They should back him now with proper funds to match the promotion money.

    • Roy...Rorkes Drift (note the 'e' at the end of Rork), Michael Caine (note 'e' at the end of Cain) and ZULU... ? is the pun intended? Very funny if it was. I'll send magpies_on_tour after you for that one. We did cut it last time, and only bad luck and injuries dumped us. Your lot proberbly wouldn't agree but if they took their claret and Blue glasses off and looked again, they might agree...maybe not. I'll make a prediction now. BLUES to do the double again... How much on that, mate, or anyone else.?

    • It's good to brag I agree if you've got a good armoury which I have to admit Blues can't hold a candle to Villa in that respect, but I often have to laugh at some of the pathetic bragging comments put on here by Villa people who are clearly too young to remember Villa's real glory years, and can only spout off about what they've read, then follow it up with a mouthful a goading,insults and name calling. I amuse myself now by taking the piss which is bragging I suppoose but I can, so I do.
      I would go back proberbly further than yourself to 1971 and watched Villa who when then an old 3rd Division side, knock out the then mighty Manure 2-1 from the league cup at VP, and going to Rotterdam in 1982, and the players bringing the Cup into the Nags Head after the Council house thing,
      I was on duty at VP when they beat Inter M but my biggest regret in that game was that I missed the winning pen scored by someone whose name escapes me now, because I was escorting a 'ne'er do well' from the ground to the Queens Road hotel if you know what I mean at the time. Watching Blues has always been my passion but Ive seen so many false dawns now I wonder IF the bloody gypsy curse is still casting the spell. Even Ronny Saunders painting the bottom of the boots red didn't work, or putting crosses if I remember right on the floodlights. Talk about desparation.

      To be quite honest, I cannot understand just what makes a footballer, and I don't care WHO they are, Drogba, Rooney etc worth £120,000 a WEEK., when I think what I have to do, and the sh*t I have to take to get a miserable £30000 a year, or Firemen or Ambo crew for similar re-numerence, just what makes anyone worth that much? Even average players get paid astronmical wages and I will never,ever, be able to justify in my own mind what makes them worth that much for running around a field, and enjoying themselves! Wages and prices are already out of control and have been now since the Bosman thing a few years ago. Who pays for it? You and me! It will have to be capped soon, or only the 'prawn sandwich' brigade and those better off than most will be able to afford it.Alot of the overseas players are mercenaries now and if the wages were capped, I think alot of them would be on the next plane out.

      I read some of the posts on the Arsenal site and talking with a West ham supporter on their site. The talk is down there is that a limit on numbers of foreigners in a team is to be applied in this country too. I haven't heard anything myself but if it's true, it's about time. I have to laugh when the papers talk about 'British' clubs being the best in the world, when perhaps one of the team has British ancestory. I'm not racist by any stretch of the imagination but it's not the point. I love to see British clubs do well in Europe,but when it's a cosmoplitan mish mash of foreigners, with a proud British club name, the only thing making it British IS the club name. Now that cannot be right.

      I'll get a soap box out one day and stand in Hyde Park to make my point....would anyone listen.? No need to answer that one, money talks louder than passion.

    • Nice to brag Nigel.....its been 25 years since we've really had something realistic to brag about......last time was beating FC Internazionale 2-0 at Villa Park, Munure 3-0 at Wembley under Atkinson, or maybe Leeds 2-0 at Wembley...... either way it seems such a long time ago.

      So onto football....

      Lets be fair....Villa are going somewhere now and only a narrow minded fool like Zulu would suggest otherwise. On the other hand a few premiership clubs are being invested in at the moment, some for the good, some not. I just hope that it doesn't get out of control and ruin our game, I would like players to come to England for the passion of the game and not £120000 a week or whatever.

      The only problem I have with English football is that the top sides aren't that English (or british) on the field. Italian clubs have to field at least 5 Italian players and they have a wage cap, so why can't we follow suit. I think, don't quote me, that it applies through Spain and other European countries now too.

      Any thoughts ??

    • Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn. Here we go again. Just finished nights and thought I'd come on here and have a chat and a laugh. Different day, same bullshit, still bragging...same silly name calling..Some thing's never change. Ok going to bed. Perhaps someone will want to talk about FOOTBALL on here when I get back up. Goodnight.

    • Oh do you now. That sounds interesting. Are the Police going to beat some bluenoses up? First I've heard about it.

    • Just need a half MOON crest next to the star to syblolise Astons finest!!! ...... Excuse me m8 you want cosmic jean £2.99 ????

    • i'd like to say that the badge with the star represents aston villa football club only to a certain degree. Somethings missing, i can't quite put my finger on it.............. oh yeah thats it a MOON CREST next to it too symblise the core of Aston's finest ...... Excuse me mate, u want cosmic jean's £2.99 ?????

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