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  • absolutevillan absolutevillan May 15, 2007 23:37 Flag

    Ignoring the idiot

    To all Villans out there.

    I would like to propose that we all agree to ignore every single post worcesterlulu places on our boards for the remainder of time. No replies to her at all. I'm serious by the way.

    She cannot post a sensible message and brings nothing to the table.

    Who else thinks that ignoring her until she goes away, and not giving her any credit with a response is a good idea? I know her posts can be so bad they are amusing occasionally, but I am getting very tired of her.

    Responses will be interesting........

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    • Powerful freekick, wicked deflection. Second goal was class and Kaka was later judged to be offside when he was 2 yards on, setting up a one on one that Reina would have lost (unlike Gerrards effort the other end)

      Liverpool did their homework well and bypassed midfield totaly, which left Milan with no where to go. But a bit of class defending and crucial finishing saw it out.

    • I've been at some games where there's been a few scuffles, nothing much, and we normally get between and it fizzles out. I can never figure just why the TV makes such a big issue of what is a storm in a teacup or is it just something to put on the news. What was shown on TV was about 20 (and I'll choose my words carefully here) people of each side wearing 'Liverpool / Milan' colours fighting and throwing chairs, apparently once again showing the ugly side of football. Were they genuine.? As you say, it was a friendly event, stage managed in my opinion.
      English Police are strangled by the Human Rights Act and political correctness bought in by this government which as you rightfully point out is then used and abused by lawyers to get their clients off the hook. Makes work difficult sometimes.

      I see that some L'pool supporters are squirming and saying Milans first goal was handball and shouldn't have stood. Well I looked closely at it and it wasnt, lucky deflection yes it was sending their keeper the wrong way but no foul, Their goal was offside, no doubt at all.

      The lads (PW, CL and KM) have all moved on now and I never see or hear from them. Last I heard was that Ken was in Oz, and Pete was in the far East coaching Thailand I think. Col has vanished. Wish I'd kept in touch now.

    • and p.s

      fair play meeting and knowing Withey and co.

      Those are memories to envy.

    • To be honest I never saw any trouble outside the stadium. It is set in an olympic village or complex which is all closed down and empty, there were two routes in, Liverpool to the north and Milan to the south. I can't see how they could have met, my mate Guliano is an 'ultra capo rosenere' and about 30 of us were drinking with Liverpool fans in the city without a cross word said, so as you say may have been staged.

      Our flight was delayed by 40 minutes as the Italian authorities persuaded the powers that be to get all Milan fans out of the airports. I think the city's Linate and Malpensa flights were about 2 hours late but almost all the fans got there. We had a few empty seats but very few.

      The people with tickets for the sides of the stadium must have sold them to Liverpool fans because there was easily 30000 of them in there.

      The trouble with the English is that there is no respect for anything or anyone including the police. In England you can shout abuse at the police, give them nazi signs or whatever and when you are arrested you can then get a nice lawyer to claim police brutality, wrongfull arrest or racism if you have a suntan from your 2 weeks in spain. On the continent you get hit with batons, tear gas or water canons because the police are the law and you do as you are told FULL STOP. Would you take on a man with a MP-5 machine gun ? Ten cans of Stella and an Englishman thinks its funny.

      Liverpool fans shouldn't have traveled without tickets, Athens airport is quite small, so imagine 70000 scousers landing there !! Chaos (imagine 70000 scousers after the aeroplane wheeltrims and radios all at the same time)

      We had to laugh though because some police were carrying paintball guns, apparantly if there was a scene they would shoot you and if you got away they would be able to identify you later. NOT AS SILLY AS IT SEEMS

      To sum it up, if Liverpool fans had problems then it was their own doing, hundreds maybe a thousand or so got in without tickets or with forgeries, leaving their fellow fans who paid a lot of money for the real thing outside.

      I bought 4 programmes and sold them to scousers after the game for the face value (felt sorry for them) just so they had a something to take home. I was going to e-bay them, aren't I a nice man.

    • Chris, I share your sentiments on Leeds but all the blame cant be heaped on D O L. He did what Ribsdale allowed him too and he got success too. E'Cup semis, top 4 finish in the prem? That is what he was paid to do and to get success, He succeeded on that score. He wasn't the financial brains, just the manager. D O L got the blame unfairly on their ulimate demise when the guy who gave him the OK to spend was responsible more than anyone else. D O L wasnt as successful at VP because Ellis wouldn't give him any real money to equip Villa with the QUALITY players to attack the prem summit. Times have changed now though. Wonder how D O L would have got on with the backing M O N will get?.

    • A Milan...I watched on TV. looked for you but couldn't quite make you out. You should have held a sign up! You'll have to tell me your real name. can't look out for a sign saying aston milan!!

      The match was good and I'm just glad that it didn't go to penalties. I haven't exactly made myself too popular with the scousers with my views on their boards about penalty shootouts and Liverpools unbelievable ability to take vitually everyone to spot kicks and winning on them. Its a subject I really feel like shouting about at Hyde park corner on a soapbox. Some idiot scoucer calling himself Gerald then decided to come onto the Villa and Blues board and start spamming them to get at me. Me n' Kipperroy sorted him out though.

      News here was that flights were cancelled and held up to Italy, and I wondered how you got on. Scenes after the game was L'pool + the Milan Ultras chucking chairs and the like at each other and fighting breaking out, outside the ground. Amazes me how the TV crews are always on site to record it. I often think that some of the fights are stage managed for the TVs beneftit. Police seemed a bit brutal too, belting em with batons. Wish we could do that.!!!

      The right team won I think, the L'pool goal was offside, and post match interviews with the players also acknowledged that milan should have won, well the official line was 'gracious in defeat'. wonder what the un official one was though.

      I was 20 and went to Rotterdam in 82 on a comp ticket from Villa players. I used the Olde Nags Head pub in Hockley Heath at the time of the league championship win and European Cup . I was friendly with Kenny McNaught, Col Gibson Pete Withe and a Blues player Byron Stevenson who were also regulars there as they all lived locally. Ronny Saunders lived in Knowle was also very friendly with the gaffer of the pub. When the 'boys' as we knew them got to the final, I was offered a ticket. didnt need asking twice, Blues fan or not. After the council house presentation a couple of days later, Pete, Col and Ken brought the E'cup into the pub and we all had a drink out of it. Pete W got pissed and I still have a photo of him somewhere trying to pull a pint behind the bar, pissed and with the European Cup on his head.
      Ruined his night later though when we organised a darts match, European Cup winners against the pub darts team. we won and my missus beat Pete Withe in the final game. good day's them was.
      Glad you had a good time, perhaps Villa in a couple of years??? Can't see why not, despite what other Blues fans on here think!

    • Hi Nige, I was talking about the idiots who pay that sort of money. My ticket was about £140, flights (4 OF EM AND DON'T I KNOW IT !!) were £180 all together. Great afternoon and night though. Caught my first flight to Italy at 4.15 this morning and landed at East Midlands at 12.30 and I'm absolutely knackered.

      There were a lot of scousers out there and there was more than 17000 in the stadium, they were all in the side tiers aswell. Total idiots climbing the security barriers and fences to get in. I hear they are blaming the police over here ?? No way, total di**heads trying to get in anyway they could. Loads of lads had genuine tickets from package companies and couldn't get in, chaos their end. Our end was great, no hassle at all.

      Atmosphere was good and to be fair the scousers stayed mostly and applauded Milan which was a good gesture. I thought they had it sorted in the first half, just no killer punch. Gonna watch it again tonight as it all seems blurry. About 30 of us had a few beers with loads of Liverpool fans well into the morning, couldn't see that happening over here somehow, weird but proof that football isn't all about hatred and abuse, few scousers got confused with a black country lad in a Milan shirt !!

      Well I might go and wind the scousers up a bit before getting 20 hours sleep.

      Plus I was only 12 when Villa were in Rotterdam, Only saw it on TV. How come you were there ?

    • Its a shame for leeds but look who spent so much money... david odreary. left the in the crud then left and ever since they have been stuck. thank god we got rid of him

    • £1000 a ticket???? Who are you sitting by? the Queen?? phew I didn't pay in Rotterdam but I think the tickets were about £16 each and that was expensive then too. Perhaps you remember better than me. A grand for a ticket......

    • Sorry 2 break it 2u u toss pot Gerrard,but the ignore theme was 4 someone else but i think the accolade fits u nicely.These boards do bring out the good the bad and the ugly...and the plain brainless.U R an embarrassment Mr Gerrard,but luckily only to yourself.

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