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    Another midlands club

    Dear mindlanders, lets all pat ourelves on the back to be having 2 more midlands club in the EPL next season.

    We already have Birmingham, and it's either WBA or Derby next season. Seems like the dream of having a mini "Midlands" league might become a reality after all.

    Maybe we can UP THE MIDLANDS over the next few seasons???

    What are your comments and views on these???

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    • Are they Roy, well civil war what happens when Neanderthals try to progress into a civilised society. It's called the survival of the primates, and after magpies on tour lost his crown they are electing a new leader. Call it Geordie justice. Last man standing and all that. Do we care if they tear each other apart? Narrrrrrrrrr. Just throw a bit more fuel on the fire.!!!

    • No need to go stirring any trouble,sorry causing any debate,on the Newcastle board as they seem to be fighting amongst themselves at present.I don't want to get caught up in a cival war.

    • Only the Rovers fans throw themselves off,but that's understandable! Trouble is,most survive bcus they have a nice soft landing in the mud as the tide never seems to be in.City are a sleeping giant (well,almost) and it would be great to dream that they can get back to the top flight.As you know,with all the money staying at the op of the game it's getting harder for teams to break through,let alone stay there.I remember the heady days of the 70's when we gave Liverpool a spanking..proud to have been there.Having said that,some of the best days watching City hve been when they were in the old 4th division in the promotion season,(second behind York who were first team to get 100 points,i think).Premiership is great but there is something pure and honest about the leagues below it.

    • Roy...Bristol the new hotbed of football?. I hear that people throw themselves off the Clifton suspension Bridge in desperation after watching Bristol City play!!! Ok just might not include City and Rovers in my list of Video nasties because i know you. Still not West Midland clubs though, but possibly could become honoury members in the future if they don't become yo yo clubs or beat the Blues!.

    • Everything is connected to a Bar Bee Everything is connected to a Bar Bee May 27, 2007 10:20 Flag

      Nig, thanks for the compliment, appreciate that.

      Oh really, you've been here before... that's a surprise...
      I think you should come back to have a look at the new Singapore (if you have not in the past few years). Changes are aplenty, with all the casinos, F1 etc. being brought here. We're gearing up to be the Monaco of the East.

      Quayside... you refering to the south of Singapore where the old british gun posts are... if you are, then yup, they're still there.

      I picked up the term baggies for Albion from watching all the footie news and games on TV, news etc. Blues - Birmingham, Rams - Derby etc. So yeah, you could say I picked up the term from Brum. I worked with an English too, so he does have a few words to teach now and then.

      Now, all of us needs to sustain in the EPL (look at Watford, one season up, another season down). Good luck to the Blues and again kudos for making it back to the EPL.

    • Bloody hell Roy, you get around a bit. Every site I look at your on it upsetting either the scoucers, leeds twats or Newcastle prats. Dont you ever go to bed? Bad Lad!!!( man after my own heart)

    • Singapore.... well that brings me back memories. I went there in the Army in...19.7?....well a long time ago now. Have they turned the guns around yet on the quayside.?
      I am getting a good feeling about next season as the season that Villa crack the dominance of the big 4, Blues establish themselves again and the baggies, assuming they beat derby will also re establish themselves although not as well as Blues (obviously). like the way you also refer to Albion as the baggies, is it also a Singapore term or something you have picked up of us common lot in Brum? Clearly you have better taste than your fellow Singapore people ansd follow a decdent club rather than them Northern and southern lot.Good choice.

    • Nowt wrong with the south west though Nig.City and Rovers on the up.Bristol is the new hotbed of footie!!!!!!!!

    • Ditto Chris, and Good to see you are talking sense at last, so apologies for critising you on occasions. Do appreciate that other people were proberbly the target of you dis-pleasure though. We, in the Midlands must stick together to defeat the Scourge of the Southern masses if we are going to dominate the Prem. Once we do i can see Cups coming back to this area again, which have been absent for too long now. Two london clubs have gone and i expect another two next season those being Fulham and Reading, accompanied by Wigan. Well.. thats my moral boosting speech for the day......!!

    • Everything is connected to a Bar Bee Everything is connected to a Bar Bee May 27, 2007 01:23 Flag

      Nig, i'm from Singapore actually. I remember there was a time when there were a lot of midlands clubs that graced the league - Coventry, Villa, Forest, Derby, and then there were the Blues and the Foxes, baggies as well as Wolves. teams in the Div 1 league (at that time) and then the EPL (understand you only consider some as midlands clubs, please bear with me).

      Over here in Asia (speaking for the mainly Singapore market), NOBODY remembers Roy Keane as a Forest player. They only remember him as a Man U player. NOBODY remebers Stuart Pearce as a Forest Player, just a MAN C manager. Dean Saunders - remembered as a Liverpool player best. Steve Bruce - remembered as a Man U winning player, not a Blues Manager (when the bluse went down, everybody stopped talking about him and Birmingham until they won promotion). I could go on if I could recall more players, but u get what I am driving at. That's how bad the reputation of the Midlands clubs are.

      Here in Asia, most of the supporters are supporters of the big 4 - Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. Other clubs that have won other competitions are forgotten completely. E.g. Leicester won the Leagues cup, but you hardly or have never seen any Leicester fan at all.

      So every time you talk about footie to a fellow Singaporean, it's 90% a 'big four fan'. So it's boring talking to them. So yeah, as you could see from my writing, I am glad that more Midland teams are coming through. I really wish them staying in the EPL and bringing back the days, giving teams in London and North a run for their title challange. Who knows, we could have all 3 trophies in the midlands next season.

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