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  • dillon dillon May 17, 2007 19:11 Flag

    Another midlands club

    Take my proverbial hat off to you A.M. Not many people back up their comments by actually going to see their teams regularly as you or I do, home or overseas. For the record I have been to Barcelona twice this season to watch Barca,. Its CHEAPER to do that, including flight costs than go and watch a game in Manchester or London. Thats market forces though and this country really needs to cap the wages and prices English clubs charge for football, to put it back into the range of the average football supporter rather than just for the prawn sandwich brigade at Man U.

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    • Totaly agree......costs me 39 euro (26 quid ??) for a good view pitch side at the San Siro, and thats watching the likes of Kaka, Nesta, Ronaldo (the proper one not the manc pretender) in a stadium with an awesome atmosphere.

      My mate pays a tenner more than that to watch the Baggies in the Coca Cola !!

      And Man U fans......I've probably been to Old trafford more than 90% of their glory hunting, shirt wearing, stood at the bar, watching Sky sports know it all's.