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  • dillon dillon May 25, 2007 19:13 Flag

    Another midlands club

    Leo. Apologies for the delay in replying. Been busy winding up Leeds supporters for the last few days.

    Errrm.... Have to ask matey, and I don't mean to be sarcastic, but it's only been one season since Blues and Albion were last in the the EPL, so I was wondering whether you hadn't noticed, or have you been overseas for a bit. Any case Blues and Baggies will be back to stay this time, and hopefully Wolves and Coventry next year. I don't subscribe to the theory that derby and Forest/Leicester are Midlands clubs. They are all Southerners to me despite their graphical location, and to that end, they remain 'the enemy'.

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    • Everything is connected to a Bar Bee Everything is connected to a Bar Bee May 26, 2007 17:23 Flag

      Hmm...no harm done. I'm not from England (from Asia actually). Forgive my ignorance, but I know they Should be a midlands club after all. Yes I know that blues and baggies were in the EPL last season. I mean it's great to have them back. Good for midlands football overall.

      But ok, back to the real topic, it's good to see clubs from the midlands (north, south, east, west - i dunno), coming thru to the EPL. Just goes to prove that midlanders do have talent brewing.

      This will keep those the rest humble for a while to come. 90% here in Asia, is either a Man U, Liverpool (northern) or Arsenal and Chelsea (southern) fan. Once in a while you do see a West Ham, Newcastle and even a Boro fan. Very, very rarely do you see a person in a midlands jersey. Kind of boring actually.

      But Kudos to Blues and Baggies. Hail the future of Midlands


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      • Leo, appreciate your reply. Where in Asia are you?
        From my perspective, Blues, Villa, Wolves, Albion and Coventry are WEST Midlands clubs. I follow Blues more than anyone, bit of a cross to bear really but someday, somewhere we might just win something to show off about. Like Villa can do. Any other club is not Midlands in my opinion and can be disregarded as t'others., Southerners, and cannot to be compared with OUR teams.