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    New Villa Shirt by Nike

    Hello all True Villa Fans

    just a quick post to see what peoples preferences are for the new shirt for next season.

    As we know were going to be supplied by Nike, which im over the moon about as they make some of the best kits around. Also there merchandise, bags, hats, training wear is first class.

    But my question is what design / things would you like to see on the new shirt. Claret sleeves or blue sleeves, collar, round neck???

    What do you think?

    and before any twat Small Heath supporter thinks their going to be funny and pass remark, remember this, remember when you had to win the auto windscreens final (the equivalent to the european cup if you hear a nose talk about it)to gain shirt sponsor?

    Small Heath - Small Time

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    • hi am am a man u fan but i have got a pic of the new nike villa home top but i dont know how to upload it can u help.

    • Polo shirt design, claret all over except for the collar which will be blue would look great imo.

    • Nigel, thats a fair point, I was only speaking from my own point of view that I would be happy to wear the new shirt but that doesn't say I will buy all the new stuff, I still wear a training coat to walk my dog and to go to games that was from the Brian Little era and feel no shame in doing so.

      Having seen what the new owner has done for the fans so far I am sure he will have the single parent and others in mind when he places the new stuff in the market place.

      Remember that for once we have an owner who will market the business and look for volume sales rather than one who would only promote himself.

    • Marin, this has the basis of a good thread, ruined by stupid attempt to deride fun and veiled ridicule at BCFC in the last paragraph. Unnecessary. I am a 'twat small heath supporter' but not blinkered like you appear to be.

      That aside I'll give you what i think is an UN-BIASED view.
      Firstly, arent football clubs especially those in the prem rich enough to use the same shirt for two years in succession like Celtic or for that matter England?, To change every is only marketing for profit by Dave Whelan the owner of Wigan Athletic in the main anyway, selling replica kits at JJB's all over the country.and the price £40 for fashion accessory which cost £10 to make...sorry to dampen your obvious enthusiasm for Nike kit but it ain't no different to any other sport manufacturer, made in a Vietnamese sweatshop costing next to nothing.

      My opinion though and I hope you think about this un-biasedly because the suggestion is coming from a 'twat small heathen' wouldn't it be good idea to use a relica style kit as worn in 1982, in honour of the team who gave you your finest hour in Rotterdam in the 25th anniversary year?

      That's what I think anyway.

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      • Just a quickie to say that it's great news that the Villa have tied up a kit deal with Nike, it shows we mean business and we're heading in the right direction.

        Next, we should get a top notch sponsor for the shirts too, like Nokia, Dell, Apple or someone big too, not too keen on 32Red,

        We should also replace the North Stand and fill in the corners around Villa Park.

        And finally get another 3 or 4 quality players, Arteta from Everton and Bent from Charlton would be a good start.

      • nigel,don't start them with that idea they will end up having one shirt for everytime they won anything just for this coming season,that would end up starting another revolt in the undivided ranks of villa fans,about being ripped off by their rich owners.this is my un-biased view.
        another 'twat small heath supporter'.