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  • dillon dillon May 20, 2007 21:44 Flag

    New Villa Shirt by Nike

    Barney...Far be it for me to suggest a revolt of any kind, but , and I make this obsevation for all supporters of all Football clubs,.... the club's and manufacturers have us all over a barrel. Every year they change the kit, sometimes it is a small change but all the same,it changes the kit, and all the hard up single moms. (no disrespect intended) have to shell out what is to them is a fotune for little Billy and Bobs new shirts, just so they don't have this p*ss ripped out of them for wearing last seasons kit.! This occurs so that Dave Whelan, the Wigan Chairman can add to his already immense fortune at JJB. Do I sound bitter? I'm not but I am frustrated that we, the paying public , get ripped off at the turnstile and the sports shop.

    Perhaps i'm a revolutionary. but I feel better for that little protest. Nige TSHS