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  • LEE LEE May 30, 2007 18:14 Flag

    Better get a ticket nige

    Nige, better get a ticket, Inter are coming to VP on 4th August for a pre-season friendly. Fancy us for a 4 or 5-0 win !!! (maybe, fingers crossed, toes crossed and some pixie dust)

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    • Sneidjer is a very talented midfielder, been playing for Ajax for 5 years now.....yes 5 years and he is only 22 !!! worth 12 million plus and we should pay it now and get him signed before Barca or Inter do..........

      Barton is a tw*t and will always cause trouble wherever he goes and whoever his manager is......Stuart Pearce is not a man to cross, believe me and he couldn't control him.

    • He's coming to VP............

    • As far as i can tell,he's been in the Prem for 2 seasons.The first season West Ham fans thought he was ace,the second they wanted him out of the team!! It might just be bad luck that they picked on him as a scape goat for a poor season for West Ham all round,or he may have realy been that poor.He is under 21 captain,so that might say something about him.We all know J Barton is a twat but at a few million less than N R Coker makes me wonder.For me Barton is the better player...but is cheaper! Maybe that's to do with length of remaining contract and not ability,i don't know.But i do want the Dutch Sneijder fellow,he sounds like mustard.

    • Whats the view on the prospect of signing Nigel Reo Cocker? Not much being said on here about him. Chap I spoke to on the West ham Board says views are mixed at Upton Park

    • Just had a v v quick Google and he does look good.126 games for Ajax and 46 goals from midfield,33 games and 6 goals for Holland.Lets make sure we get him.

    • I have noticed a few teams are tracking Wesley Sneijder so we had better pull our finger out if we want him.I don't know anything about the guy but it looks like people do rate him. I gather he is a midfield general and was born in the same place as the great Marco Van Basten (one of my all time fav players) so that can't be a bad thing.How much will he cost?

    • I'm quite excited by the prospect of Sneijder - he's a very decent player and would be good for us. I hope we get to spend money on quality and not rummage in the bargain basement leagues, no offence to any fans of clubs in the lower divisions.

      Proven quality - bring it on. Hope we will reignite our interest in Saviola as well....

    • AV, hi bud, Yea, wondered where you were. I was talking to astonmilan about Zulu going missing, and it was suggested that you and he had kissed and made up, and eloped together !
      Its gone really dead, and its hard russling up any new threads at the moment. Our mate Andy Zulu1875 has gone unusually quiet for him and only the faithful few on here and our board. In fact its the same people on here AND on our board!.

      The transfer talk is still Hasselbaink and/or Francis Jeffers heading St Andrews way and Koumas and Borek coming your way. To be honest I cant get excited about the names being banded around for us as they are either unknown (to me) or has beens or someone elses failures. sounds cynical I know but I would really like a good season for us and your lot and rub them cockney noses in it yet again.

      I will be in your ground on 04/08/07 for the Internazionale game. Im rostered for the match so all being well Ill see all the game, if no one decides they want a free room at Queens Road nick again like they did last time I was doing the Inter game down there.

      know what you mean about working interfereing with your football life. Its hard work, should take a tip from the Scousers, nick a few alloys to sell and have loads of time out.

    • Hi guys, I have gone a bit quiet recently - been away a bit and busier at work. I tell you what, this working for a living is a real pain in the 4rse - maybe we could learn a trick or two from the geordie lot. They all seem to get away with having no job.....

      Anyway, How's it going Nige? Any interesting signings in the pipeline for the noses? It is alarmingly quiet over at VP at the moment.......

    • We are definately 'west midlands police' around here, it ends just on the Wollaston border with Stourton. Its all Wolves in Wollaston, I was born in Wollaston, us Villains are out-numbered 3 to 1.

      But as we keep reminding them, in the prem from the start and always gonna be.......

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