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  • dillon dillon Jun 20, 2007 20:26 Flag

    Come on Dutch Squad!!!

    The dutch have a history of throwing the towel in without a fight Roy............World War two showed up their metal, or lack of it. Out in the first rounds of all competitions...don't think we will hear from dutch squad again. Bottles it just like his compatriots when the going gets tough............

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    • I hope,Mr Dutchman...That you are not waiting until your under 21's have played the mighty England's under21's tonight before you reply!!!!!
      Your boys will get clogged...4-1 i think!!

      Talking of the under 21's.
      Plattini's people have tried to play down Serbian fans responsibility for the racisism in the crowd and by the Serb (war monger) players in the tunnel aimed at our coloured players.They say that not all tickets were bought through official Serb FA channels so many of those who chanted racist abuse may not have been Serb fans!
      I'm sure not all Liverpool fans who behaved poorly bought their tickets through official channels, but that didn't stop Plattini's men roundly critisising Liverpool fans. I'm not saying Liverpool were innocent,just highlighting the way we are percieved compared to the rest of Europe.

      I'm sure most Serb's are good people......Especially Savo Milosovic!!!!!!!!!!