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  • So we left off with a good run at the end. Gave us alot of faith going forward. Armed with money to spend. We have been linked to everyone from Geoff Hurst to Pele. We now have N.R. Coker...great!!! We now have a 15 yr old "starlet". Look I'm not trying to be sarcastic...okay I am a bit, but there was an expectation created, not by us, but the new "money" available, that we would strengthen our "threadbare" squad. The scoreboard is won-1 and lost-4
    players. Maybe clubs elsewhere know that the Prem clubs have money and make us pay a higher premium for them, but this doesn't seem to stop the "Liverpools",even the"Pompeys" of the world from signing their needs. If we have to pay a million or so more...so be it. We need players, new blood now...not halfway through the season. This is the best time to have them "gel" with the rest of our team.

    Look lads, I will support this team until the day I have no breath left. I admit I am frustrated. I am grateful to Mr. Lerner and MON for what they have done so far, but this has fallen well below expectations. We all know we need a deep squad to grab a euro place. Lets at least replace what we've lost so we don't go backwards. I still have faith in the current set up, but they need to pull the trigger faster and not worry about overpaying a little.

    Up the Villa!!!

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    • Nige.......take a deep breath, close your eyes and make sure both feet are on the floor......calm

      Thats better......back down to earth.

      Chelsea 2 (Ridgewell 7, 63)- 2 Birmingham City (O'conner 54, Forsell 89)
      Aston Villa 3 (Moore 12,37,78) - 1 Liverpool (Crouch 67)

    • It will be worth turning em over just to listen to the excuses from the Portugese geezer!

    • just think this time sunday our first 3 points of many on this new adventure back in the prem.

    • Cheers Mate, dont know my link failed but does it mastter?. your's work fine. Take Note Holte End....this is called supporting your club from the terraces.......

    • I think you all bring some good points to the table. Thats why its a pleasure to be and communicate with intelligent Villa fans. I still like my point, also acknowledged by NIGEL, that we need players in now to acclimatize themselves with the existing players. AM, I have no doubt that MON is up to something and that players will be brought in, but we were a small squad before, and then you lose four who were in the starting 11 alot. You cannot help but miss them (some less than others), but it really pushes this squad to the brink. Two key injuries and you are looking at the depths of the Premiership again. We all love our team but, they need new quality blood NOW, not half way through, NOW. Maybe you're right about that it will be a longer rebuilding process...okay fine, but don't tell all of us that we have 30 million burning a hole in our pocket, because that creates expectations!!! Now 5 players in 2 weeks please

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      • Unfortunately whilst I am full of optimism and support for MON, when you hear comments of a future England midfield, you begin to wonder whether we have missed the boat and will probably only bring in cover at Right back.

        With money available for some time now, and potential sigings probably in mind before the season finished, you question why have we not signed anyone else, and what is stopping us that does not seem to stop everyone else.

        All the talk is about SWP or Luke Young or Alan Smith etc etc, so go get them. I cannot second guess MON and I hope a plan is in place, because despite some good young talent, its going to be a tough season, and one in which I don't want to be second best to you know who!!!

    • I must say that I agree with both sides of this argument on the one side I am impatient to see new faces and on the other I am still quite sure that MoN has something going on. Back in January how many of us saw Carew coming? I certainly didn't, more over I had never heard of him as a possibility.

      Back in the bad old days we were linked with lots of players just to keep us quiet and surprise, none of them ever came off.

      Now its totally different the papers and we supporters speculate but MoN says nothing till someone arrives..............I know which situation I prefer.

      Whilst I feel frustrated I still believe that we shall have some decent additions by the start of the season in the meantime we should dream of glory days to come.

    • The last people to know about new players will be us, 1 in four out ? Carew, Maloney, Young, Petrov, Reo-coker......Luke Young on his way, Mandanda in negotiatiations, and you can guarrantee there are a couple more in talks. Why are you expecting ? what do you want ? to spend £30m on players just to stop Pompey, Newcastle and Man City getting them. MON is more shrewd than that. We have a very talented young squad as it stands, a couple more quality, experienced players will do for now. NO QUICK FIXES PLEASE. If the face don't fit, MON won't buy, simple as that, or maybe you know more about managing a premiership club than he does ? if so get your CV's in now !!

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      • That's all very well in theory tho, AM, but the new lads will need time to acclimatize, and familiarize themselves with the surroundings, getting them in now gives that breathing space. They will need bedding in. There is nothing worse than playing catch up, as us lot at B4 found out two years ago. No one is suggesting any quick fixes, Ive seen enough of them over the years with Emile Heskey and those sort. I fully agree that M O N knows just who he wants, and what he is doing, but the reality is, if they don't want to come, whats the 'plan B'? Releasing the likes of Steve Davies wasn't, to me, the best of moves without a better replacement lined up.

        Ive got a real feel that this season, both Birmingham Clubs can raise a few eyebrows this season, but Villa for their part arent recruiting the Schnieders (scuse the spellin) of this world. Koumas was a surprise to me. fancy going to those premier giants WIGAN, I thought he was already wrapped for VP?

        Here we are, the kick off is only less than a month away. I have rubbed noses in it on loads of other boards about just how we Midlands sides are going to do the business this year. Ive upset a few people along the way too.

        Hope I don't end up with an over large dollop of egg on my face now!!

    • I agree - I expected a decent goalie and maybe 4 to 6 defenders and midfield players by now. The really good thing is that MoN is definitely trying to get young players in so we'll have a good squad in the long run, assuming Mr. Lerner is willing to pay to keep them, but I feel the squad is looking very undermanned at the moment - which was one of our big problems last season.

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      • Ye i agree, a new goalkeeper must be on mon list, ts is proberly the porest villa stopper in a long wile.

      • Totaly agree.We have been linked with some great players like Sneijder etc but have not nailed down any of them.We have off-loaded a few and brought in NRC,and the jury is out on him until he plays as i don't think many are jumping for joy at 8 million spent to get him....Fingers crossed.

        In many ways we are weaker depth wise now that at the end of last season because we have sold more experienced players than we have bought.If you want to win things you need a good depth to your squad as you can't win the league using, say 13 players!!!!(Ok,sometimes u can but you know what i mean).

        I'm not impressed being linked with players like Koumas....OK we lost him to mighty Wigan but i expect better than him anyway.

        Looks like the re-building prcess is going to be a very slow one!!!

    • Have to admit I'm mistified a little by the in activity at VP. I'm from across the A38, as you know, but I was banking on Villa to shake up the top four a little and give us West Midlanders something to shout about. Alot of promises and good players moving around, perhaps M O N has a couple of Ace cards up his sleeve?. AstonMilan and AstonVillan have gone unusually quiet too.
      What s going on boy's. AstonMilan, You usually have your ear to the ground.....any thoughts?