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  • dillon dillon Jul 14, 2007 00:56 Flag


    That's all very well in theory tho, AM, but the new lads will need time to acclimatize, and familiarize themselves with the surroundings, getting them in now gives that breathing space. They will need bedding in. There is nothing worse than playing catch up, as us lot at B4 found out two years ago. No one is suggesting any quick fixes, Ive seen enough of them over the years with Emile Heskey and those sort. I fully agree that M O N knows just who he wants, and what he is doing, but the reality is, if they don't want to come, whats the 'plan B'? Releasing the likes of Steve Davies wasn't, to me, the best of moves without a better replacement lined up.

    Ive got a real feel that this season, both Birmingham Clubs can raise a few eyebrows this season, but Villa for their part arent recruiting the Schnieders (scuse the spellin) of this world. Koumas was a surprise to me. fancy going to those premier giants WIGAN, I thought he was already wrapped for VP?

    Here we are, the kick off is only less than a month away. I have rubbed noses in it on loads of other boards about just how we Midlands sides are going to do the business this year. Ive upset a few people along the way too.

    Hope I don't end up with an over large dollop of egg on my face now!!

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    • the reason why it is quiet here is the fear of the team we are building,how much we have spent and the talent we have for so little money,i did say on the blue's page that we would end up buying championship players but steve has searched the world and found some class players who will breathe new life at ST ANDREWS like we have not seen for a long long time.

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      • We don't really need that much as we already have some class youngsters coming of age and more in the pipeline. MON will try to strenghten in depth, mainly defence and a striker. With the likes of Craig Gardener, Luke Moore and Ashley Young we will move forward slowly but surely, only Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal lost fewer games than us last season, we just need to get more clinical in front of goal. We have a very good squad now, it just needs a bit more depth. I think you bluenoses will notice a very different style of Aston Villa this coming season, nothing like it was during your last spell in the prem. So be prepared.