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  • Any1 see the report that MON is tracking Alan Smith after Boro failed to land him?

    I'v given the Newcastle boys some shit about wanting to sign him so i had better stick to my word.

    He's a good squad player with 110% comittment but is not prolific enough in front of goal.As for the argument that he can also play midfield!!! Well,i know Fergie put him there a few times but i can't accept that Smith actualy did any good there,so for me there is not a valid argument that he's more than just a striker. Sorry but i want better than Smith for the Villa.

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    • Villa, like Blues have always had a hardcore of supporters who would turn up to watch the shirts drying on a washing line. Its not those you are selling to now, as you say, you have aready put bums on seats without buying any quality at all. Its the ones who are watching to see who is coming, before handing over cash, and they make an average gate a good gate, to compare with the top clubs every week, it makes all the difference. ...but there is only so far the patience of any supporter will stretch before someones says "Wait a minute, we've paid our money, now where's the goods"! Mon is shrewd, but I think being a little more open would allay the supporters fears a little.

    • According to the figures we fans have already put bums on seats with our season tickets maybe I am just impatient but I want to compete with the top table this year (oh and beat you noses!) sorry Nigel.

      I just have to have faith that MoN has a plan...oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

    • Entirely agree, Barney and MoN is going to leave himself wide open after all the expectation levels carried over from last season. Perhaps MoN has a plan, but it all feels very flat at the moment....I dare say that both NRC and MH can play a bit, but when you look at the names being linked, it's a bit like expecting a BMW and getting a Vauxhall Corsa ( no disrespect to a Corsa for those PC brigade readers). Both do a job, but one more stylish than the other! If Alan Curbishley is letting both go, is he wrong?? Curbs is seen as a good eye for talent so something is wrong.

      Star names put bums on seats,,these two names don't excite me at all. There again if I was a good judge maybe I would be sitting in the gaffers office somewhere.

    • I'll admit it Nigel I wonder whats going on because I am and have been since January expecting Defoe or similar to be on the books by now. I am not really interested whether Blues did or didn't regarding Harewood I am only really interested in what they do a VP.

      We fans need a show of something special as I have said before we had to put up with empty words for the last 20 years.

      Having said that MoN just must have a plan for the team and for signings if not he's left himself wide open having let all those players go from a small squad.

    • AV...Hi matey, I can only think that MoN has bought Harewod as a squad player, but what I can't figure is what happened to all the talk about these world class overseas players apparently gagging to come to Villa, and nothing transpires?

      I'm not going to state the obvious and for definate comparisons are going to be made here between Blues and Villa, and without getting into the mudslinging negatives being started again, if I was a Villa supporter, I would be very concerned about the way its going. Is Harewood better that Steve Davis?.... No,never in a million years, so why sell an outstanding talent and replace hime with a donkey?? Thats 2 WHU rejects now. Hardly the quality to mount a European bid.

      Despite statements to the contary, Blues didnt follow up their enquiries into Harewoods availability, not the other way round.

      AM makes as usual an excellent case, but even the most diehard must be wondering whats going on now, even if they won't admit it.

    • 3 goals in a season where he played a decent number of games - thats bernado corradi territory, regardless of how crap the team played. Harewood is not good, and 15 odd goals in the championship means nothing.

      We have plenty of strikers, and although I take your point we don't have a ready-made target man to replace Carew when necessary, we do have gabby, young, moore, big john, and we are looking, 'apparently' for another top-class striker (what happened to Defoe?).

      Doeas this mean we are now no longer looking for a top-class striker or do we wan't of those too? If we do, just how the hell are we going to keep all these guys happy - please don't tell me we are going to off-load moore on some cut price deal, like we did with davis.....

      Anyway, I am gutted that this is where we are going - I wouldn't put him in the team ahead of any of our current strikers, would you? Even with Carew out, I would use two of our pacy ones.

    • Harewood isn't world class, but he is a decent quality striker, big and strong and will give us good cover if Carew gets injured. MON will always try and play a target man, and Angel has gone. Harewood had a bad season last year, but so did the whole West Ham team, they had seriuos problems and not just on the pitch, it went deeper than that. The season before he scored 15, before that 17, before that 14 so he is capable of chipping in with a few from the bench. £3.7m isn't a lot of money for a squad player. We need cover, and I'd have took him in November even if he had only scored four goals, it could have given us an extra eight points......get the drift ?

      Another point worth noting is that in the last 11 months Villa have spent £26m on players and haven't finished yet, when was the last time we did that........and for the record he rejected blues and not the other way round.

      To get world class players you have to be a world class team, with a world class manager, playing in world class competitions. We have non of these attributes yet, be patient. As many know I'm a Milan fan and have been watching them at the San Siro for over twenty years now, and they didn't get where they are with a five year plan !!

      Players will come but it will take a long time, we should concentrate on our great youth accadamy and mould a few into top quality players. Lets not prove O'leary right and start being fickle.

    • Firstly Zulu me boy,ur wecome with some good natured banter anytime...I don't have a problem with you.

      Secondly,what is MON playing at.I didn't respond to the Harewood thread at first because i thought it was a mistake,i was sure i read he was a Wigan boy! Now i find MON trying to poach him from under their noses!!!!WHY!

      I can only think of 2 reasons.
      1st MON is panic buying as his 1st and 2nd choice targets have not happend.

      2nd He is trying to get one over Wigan for poaching Koumas from under our noses.

      And does anybody know how much West Ham are trying to rob us of 4 him?

      Well for my money,Wigan are welcome to both of them.I would sooner wait until someone better come our way...I hear that Forsell chap is fit again!!!

    • I think the "Smith" with Man U didn't really get on the pitch enough to become effective. Now the "Smith" that was with Leeds I would take anytime. Understand your point, but we need depth so I would take him now. If Man U get Tevez, he becomes surplus and someone could get him on the cheap.