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  • Robbo will take us back up???...shut up Hendrie!!!
    Saw the new away strip...I know as long as its claret and blue...but christ Nike, have a bit of an imagination. What do you lot think? See the st.andrews scumbags signed another one...and we were linked to a keeper...I tip my hat to 'em, they may be signing f*** all, but at least they're trying. So we have 5 up front, need depth in midfield and at the back and a new keeper...Pleeeease. While we appreciate what you've done so far, MON and RL, if you've got something up your sleeve, don't you think its time we had a look at it??? We have a solid side right now, better than alot, but its critical we get depth to compete for Europe.

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    • I agree Nige, we need defensive cover desperately, and I'm sure it will arrive. Where Villa have an edge is, MON has got the attack and midfield geling as a unit. Very important going into your first few games of the season, attack is the best form of defence, look at Manure, their defence isn't that good in depth. We have a very good nucleus of a squad, but need cover, especialy at the back, and it will arrive before the 31st. As I've said before, defenders don't take so much time to settle, MON has got it right so far. We can change from 4-4-2 to 4-4-3 in an instant off the bench so I'm not worried. 2 x CB and 1 x RB will do right now. A keeper would be a bonus. I'm prepared to wait for the right players to come. No panic buys please. Lets see how Mansh**ty get on this season. Relegation candidates for sure.

      Talking of bonuses, Chelsea have massive injury worries, so it could be your bonus. Thats what you get with primadonna's who think talent alone and not hard work will get you through !! Hard work keeps you fit and hunger gets you through.

    • Prediction time is something I hate, proberbly because I'm usually wrong...........sometime very right though.

      Nearly all the teams have reinforced with good players. Some for whatever reason haven't yet, like Blackburn and Villa.
      I don't like to speculate on other teams reasoning for not buying, and I do find it odd that teams with a pedigree like Villa are having difficulty in attracting the top European names. Having said that, I was at VP last Saturday for the Internazionale game and, well the performance and result said it all. However these pre season games can be deceptive. Only time will tell on that one. I still think Villa need a quality keeper and more quality in defence. Then top 6 proberbly, but, and Lee will proberbly disagree here, you havent got quality in depth when the injuries and suspensions kick in, it will show later on. The top end players are good, but more back up players needed. I particulrly like Gabby though and Luke.... I heard the Smoggies were in for him, any truth?

      Blues as usual are a dilema. I could make a rash prediction and be way off. We've bought alot and well as best as I can figure out. I havent seen these new lot before, and havent seen them play yet, so I can't judge. I only live a 5 minute drive from our Wast Hills training ground near Wythall so the plan is to go tomorrow and and have a look.

      I cant say I'm disappointed in the outcome of the Mido and Ghaly speculation. I got the distinct impression that they both think they are better than they are, (prima donnas). Mido is now trying to ressurect it by saying we are still interested in him, now his bluff has been called. In his dreams.

      Now Mikki (Fors) is fit and firing again, we dont need Mido, and it looks to me that all areas have been addressed. Pre season form is good, but the quality of opposition was not that good, so that is deceptive. but given the breaks, I will have us finishing between 9th and 12th, realistically, which I for one would be happy with, and a cup run.( and our USUAL double over Vi...Vil...no, I won't tempt providence here).

      Cheers Nige


    • OK fair enough so Villa top six, Blues ???

    • To be fair Barney, this is not an unusual occurance on all these boards. I go on a few others and have a laugh with most supporters at other clubs. Some times I get embroiled in a slanging match with Cardiff supporters on the leeds board, who clash becuse of the Ridsdale connections and I have to say 'hang on, I dont even follow this lot, why am I getting involved! It does appear to be a phenomenon that some people like to let off a mouthful of abuse at someone else, who they know nothing about, or even who they are, just because it's easy and defenceless, and they also wear a different colour shirt to the home supporters.

      Take Andy (Zulu) for instance. He dishes out loads and it has to be said, he gets loads back, but its all in fun and I for one enjoy his banter, (proberbly because I'm a fellow BN). However, I must say I havent seen that before, where a home supporter turns on another home supporter because of what? Because he was talking to a BN! He isn't alone, and I dare say before the season is more than a few weeks old, these idiots from BOTH sides will crawl from under the rocks and make similar personal attacks on someone else, proberbly me, Andy, Lee, or Aston Villan, or any of the other regular scribes on here including yourself, for no apparent reason. It happens but the best thing to do is ignore it. We all know piss taking and banter and recognise it for what it is, but there is a difference when it gets personal, and even more so when its against your own supporters! I have resolved not to get involved, but I can't guarantee it though.

      I agree , that guy toka is a pratt, and you know what, I think he knows it now. Thats tough he should have thought about that before he rounded on me and Lee. You reap what you sow as they say.

      Anyway, lets get back to what we come on here for, talking about footy, piss taking and having a laugh.

    • For my money you're spot on AM there really is no place for abuse on these boards Lulu comes on and gets stick back. As far as Nigel is concerned he's not a wolf in sheeps clothing he's a blue nose upfront as in fairness is Lulu. Lets also be honest if they weren't here there would only be about 6 contributors so Nigel sorry for this guy he's a pratt.

    • Lee mate, not chris.

    • No further comment necessary., but thanks for thinking of me Chris.

      Cheers Nige.

    • PS: toca, take the p**s out the blues, say what you like about any other team on here, and if any other a**sholes come on here giving us s**t, give it back. thats what we all do, but don't shame us by disrespecting genuine people, who come on the board to joke and banter with each other.

      And did you know you've left your caps lock on ??

    • toca.......Nige is a Blues supporter, not a Villa supporter. He also is a football fan from the midlands and is a good guy to have debates with about football, he is also good with the banter, so I suggest you have another 'toke' and sit down and analyse the threads properly before opening ones mouth.

    • sorry to say this to every 1 but nigel is one ass kisser he might aswell bum the blues, dont you know how to stick up for your own team u prik. il be a true villa fan than ul ever be, maybe be you shud be on the blues message board instead, traitor

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