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  • WARNDON ZULU WARNDON ZULU Jul 21, 2007 17:19 Flag


    the way i heard thing from the vile ranks when randy lean over went there was they are a rich club who can buy who they want and at whatever price???? F***ng no chance a little sugestion to randy lean over and martin oh no chance please contact this company they might be able to help you with your finacial situation

    good luck your gonna need it

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    • I hate to say it but we are going to miss the boat in strengthening the team; Luke young is on his way to Boro, we wont sign sneijder at £20m, and we will be stuck with Sorenson. Our neighbours are the opposite and just about signing everyone, and whilst there is time still to buy, and buy the right players, we need to be clear on who we want and get them - we are going to have to pay the market price and either we have the money to do that or we don't. We need to sweep a few players off their feet and show them the only light worth following is at VP.