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  • You are right.....don't panic. It seems to me that the main problem is one of belief. Body language is a real 'giveaway' and it told me we went onto the pitch feeling inferior. It will come

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    • Petrov needs dropping, or sorting out, because he was well off the pace of the game yesterday, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, first match nerves etc.....but he needs to shape up.

      Gerrard won it, pure world class, as for being a cheat, its part and parcel of the game, we should do it more, it can be worth 9 points a season.


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      • Lee, I have to ask the question, are Villa trying hard to be a charity.?You get rid of Enckelman because he's a liability and gives away own goals, You get rid of of Ridgewell because hes a liability and gives away own goals. youre getting rid of Sorrenson because he's a liability and gives away own goals......and now we have another contender.

        You can't coach that ability into players, Enckleman's doing OK at Blackburn, and Liam did ok today, so is it the 'Villa' disease? You decide...