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  • I see we are in 4 Zak Night!

    I don't want to sound ungratefull but,although i consider him to be a reasonable player......i want better than him.

    I think Curtis Davies is better than Knight but 8 million.........West Brom can keep him.

    I also read that we are linked with a Werder Bremen (i think) player called Per Mertesacker.Don't know much about him but he is a German international and younger than old Zak.Sounds a better player to me.

    I am just being left a bit cold by the plyers we are linked with.

    Maybe i'm expecting a little too much.

    Off to see B City V's Man City soon. Hopefully all M City's new overseas players will under estimate the passion of an English cup tie!!!!!!

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    • You'll be known as WORCESTER SHILTON when news of this gets around then Andy.

    • As I said, nothing is proven or not proven at this time and KNIGHT is bailed until all enquiries are completed. I shall reserve judgement until a final decision is made on whether he is involved. Nothing more can be said at this time until confirmation of his account is made.

      If he is innocent, then this will all disappear quite quickly, but if he is guilty, I still stand by what I said, that is he and his kind should recieve lengthy jail sentences and no return to the game after release.

    • Is it only me that is worried about the fact that we dont look like having an actual right back til at least Xmas?

      Can someone tell me what the hell is going on ffs???

    • well done Lulu you made me smile at least this morning I wish you well with your new found fame.

      This post was very good and much better than your usual snipes.

    • caught with his trousers down in the back of a car with certain females.....sorry i'm guilty of that one.....that's it am i going to be all over the papers now..WOW FAME AT LAST

    • He's done nothing..he was asleep in bed when armed police busted into the house on misuse of drugs and weapons suspicion. Zat was taken in with his brother and later released without charge...his brother was charged and appeared before magistrates yesterday morning......just a formality in Zats case....HE IS IN NO WAY INVOLVED WITH DRUGS

    • he is also good on the LINES

    • Knight Arrested In Drug Raid
      Thu 30 Aug, 11:10 AM

      Oh Dear....

      Someones out to grab the headlines already!!!

    • I agree Roy, I have to be cynical here and suggest that this guy Knight is a panic buy as MoN has left the squad so thin that with any more departures, retirements, injuries, loss of form etc and Villa won't have any cover at all. To be honest, I had never heard of him before last Villa home game and he almost scored an own goal for Fulham....... There's an omen if you like!!!
      The German Metesacker is contracted until 2010 so don't expect anything to develop there. Defoe is apossibility still, but my grapevine isn't that good so anyone else will be a surprise. Countdown to Sunday and the window slams closed. If no-one comes in soon I predict a difficult winter.

      Ok Lee tell me I'm wrong and expect the unexpected.
      I'll be the devils advocate now. You are not going to get anyone to replace the ones that have gone.

      By the way, thanks for Liam Ridgewell. Very pleased with him.

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      • Surprises me you haven't heard of Zat Knight Nige ??.........he is actually a very good player, no Nesta, but not bad to be fair. He got into the England set up a couple of years ago but playing for Fullham he didn't stand much chance of getting a run. He is a very loyal player, and has served Fullham well, but hinted at wanting to move to Villa in May, as he is a huge Villa fan, since he was a kid. Far far better than Ridgewell and much more experienced than Davis. I can only assume that MON can see something in Davis that I can't, because he seems to switch off during a game, maybe just inexperience. And when the honeymoon period is over Nige, Ridgewell will settle back down to being his very average self mate, if you find yourself in a bad run and under pressure he loses it, Championship quality at best. So we are happy to oblige.