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  • WARNDON ZULU WARNDON ZULU Sep 1, 2007 16:26 Flag

    Is everyone Satisfied?

    i thought mon was the second coming ??? NO
    heard that one before???? YES
    i also thought that villa had millions and millions they were going to spend????? NO
    heard that one before???? YES
    who's going to be first for the chop then ?mon or mr money bag's???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? WILL LEAVE THAT ONE FOR YOU VILLA FAN'S TO FIGURE OUT


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    • Zulu, we've spent £43m in 12 months and 5 days on new players, we've spent £13m on a new training ground, we've got 10 full internationals and 8 U21 internationals, £4m spent on stadium improvements, all our sports wear and kit is by Nike, we are now playing very quick attacking football.

      Our squad is young and improving by the week and now we have just signed a very talented player in Silfou, who is unproven as yet, but in France the call him the next Zidane.

      You have bought absolute crap apart from O'Conner and he has to impress yet. Wait until November my little bluenose friend, and see if you're squad of panick buy, lets stay in the premiership misfits can cope with us.

      Reo-Coker is looking like a very good buy, Zat Knight will prove to be good cover for our centerbacks, Curtis Davis will become the real deal under MON, and if Harewood can get 10 this season from the bench, then that'll do me. Scott Carson will cost us £14m next summer I'm sure, but we will buy him if he's let loose by Liverpool.

      On top of this we have Young, Maloney, Moore and Gabby lining up with the old master Carew, Berger back in form ready to pull the strings when the chips are down, and IF he can stay fit, one of the best centerbacks in the world in Laursen (ex AC Milan !!) Put your team sheet by ours, and there is only one player from yours I'd want in our squad, and I don't have to name him do I ?

      You worry about you're existance, we'll get on with getting ourselves where we belong. MON hasn't even started yet, it's been twelve months, now Bruce the Excuse has had how many years and how much backing ??

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      • and on the subject of being satisfied Nige.........last night, I went to my local drinkin establishment, run by a very dodgy man with one eye, who gets all these Arabic sattelite channels from his dodgy remote controlled dish........ comsumed an adequate amount Mr Jack Simmonds finest, whilst watching AC Milan show Sevilla just who are No1 in Europe...3-1...go my boys.....then I went home munching happily on Mr Zorba's finest lamb meat, and my lovely girlfriend then proceeded to satisfy me a little more.....don't you just love it when that happens...................now bring on Chelsea !!!!!!!