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  • Well, when you have a great win you have to crow. Also if you have a bad defeat you have to either defend your corner (unlike they did Barry's),or have a good old moan.

    I tried my best to chide the Chelsea fans but apart from 1 or 2 dummies being spat,they don't seem to care.

    Every other team has a debate on what went right and wrong but from Chelsea it's silence!

    What do we take from this? For me it's that Chelsea fans (Arm chair or not) are pure glory hunters who realy do only sing when they are winning.

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    • I don't think half of them know how to use a computer, I gave them some stick(which they thoroughly deserve)thinking they were playing a 3rd division side or something.cheeky barsards!

    • Roy, my cousin's a Chelsea fan, and to be fair a propper one since he was a kid and has always lived in London. He reckons a lot of them are worried about how they will do in the league this season because a lot of teams have improved vastly over the last year. Their dominance along with Manure is genuinely threatened, primarily by Liverpool and Arsenal this season, but Everton, Villa, Newcastle, Blackburn are all becoming stronger units, Spurs seem to have slipped a little due to defensive frailities, but should come strong soon, Portsmouth and Man City are unknown quantities as they are too inconsistant but can still cause an upset. The Premier League is becoming more interesting by the week and one thing he agreed with is that Villa under MON have made their intentions known, they want success.

      All the anti MON whiners can go and whistle, when was the last time you saw a bench as strong as we had yesterday ? Maloney, Harewood, Cahill, Gardner, Petrov, Taylor, .....they all have the potential to change a game.....even Petrov !!.......with Berger, Osbourne, Davis and this Sillifou chappy not on the bench. Its been a long time since we've been this strong Roy.

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      • Absolutly right,the Prem is going to get closer as the teams you have pointd out have invested proper money.

        I do have a soft spot for a few teams,Chelsea being one of them, although you would not notice from the stick i have given them (all in good spirit).

        Apart from Villa i have a soft spot for Everton and Spurs and Liverpool because when i was a kid in the 80's they had some great teams that played the right way. Everton with Southall,Ratcliffe, Van den how and about 5 more superb players,Spurs with Hoddle,Hazzard, Perryman and Falcao and Galvin under Burkinshaw i think. I also liked the Kerry Dixon Chelsea side.And Liverpool have had many great sides.

        Of course none of them matched the Villa but if your a fan of the game you have to admire certain sides from certain eras....and of course Wengers Arsenal.

        Sorry but i can't bring myself to have an affection for Man U.
        I lost the chance to have any respect for them when it was Hughes,Ince Kanchelskis and Co, as they were the first team i ever thought were a disgrace surrounding referee's etc.It overshadowed their good style of play for me.