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  • Dan D Dan D Mar 19, 2008 16:34 Flag

    Final points tally

    Ok here's one for discussion and prediction. I've looked at the remaining fixtures for us and Blues (for Nige) and predict the following final points tally

    Villa 63 pts

    Blues 38 pts

    Where that would leave us both I have no idea.


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    • Nige - that analogy with the dog is truly excellent. I've often tried to explain to people why you support a team and while you can enjoy another fan's team having success it simply isn't the same.

      I'll remember that next time someone asks.

    • Oh dear...

      i feel as though I'm reading alot of 'get well soon' cards here.

      First of all, thanks for the invites to join your ranks, a suggetion offered to me in the past by my good friend 'astonmilan' Lee.

      Once again 'thanks but no thanks'....and you lot will know why...despite all the banter and laughs with you lads and the others on other boards, it's in the blood and no one, not even yourself can change that. As you say barney, through thick and thin....i was hoping for a lot more this year but looks like another case of 'de ja vue'. I am a little disappointed , but it could be worse...could be a Coventry fan!

      Following another team would be a bit like taking someone elses dog to a dog show and being pleased when it wins, but you still look back at your own dog in the hope it does even better.

      With some of the players etc, we should be doing better, but its all start again time in August in the prem...

      Chins up !

    • Hey Nigel thats a shame you feel that way but I can understand what you say and feel but its sad. For whatever reason we support our team thru thick and thin and you've had some thin I have to say but have you been in the 3rd division??

      WE have a great new dawn, in time you will in the meantime get down to the villa shop and buy a shirt and join us, enjoy our ride its great.

    • Nige...my initial post was genuine and meant to be inclusive to you (a contributor to this board). It was not intended to take the P

      Anyway, I think you'll get the 3 wins coming against Man City, Blackburn, and Fulham with 2 draws.


    • It's not so long ago us Villa fans were asking ourselves that question villan :-)

      I must be mellowing in my old age but I feel sorry for the Blues this year - they came up with a lot of promise (and promises) and they don't play badly - in fact there are days when they play a lot better than our lot have done in some of the games this season.

      I just hope they don't turn it on on derby day.
      Nige might well be right that we'll both be in the same positions at the end of the season.

    • The 'you've changed' comment was very tongue in cheek Nige my good man. Merely reeling you in :)

      I would sympathise with your disillusionment but to be fair, what the hell are you supporting a team like the noses in the first place....;)

    • Have I ?? it's March...nearly the end of the season. we have got 27points and I think 36 will be enough.....looking at the games coming up, it should be attainable.......now comes the but..

      who are the the 3 wins going to come from?

      Wigan ? Once a banker...not so much now, Reading, they want it as much as Blues...Villa ? well maybe...and before I hear the laughs and screams of derison...Blues /Villa quite often goes against the formbook, not saying Blues will lose, but it could happen!!

      Changed...Nar...don't think so...just wonder why I worry so much about a bunch of blokes who earn vastly more than me and have a far better lifestyle.......and if it all goes tits up, they just move on to some other suckers who will pay them thousands a week....

      Does that mean Ive changed or just sound the same as all other Blues fans? Erm....Tomorrows another day.

      Yours Sincerely...


    • You've changed Nige.......

    • Thats a leading statement barney, and I still aint commenting........

      I will stick my neck out though...the final table will be exactly as it is today...there, tear into me boy's....

      Have they found Lord Lucan in St Andrews trophy room yet?

    • Good subject Dan!

      But I disagree you have got 4 wins and 2 draw's for us and 3 wins and 2 draw's for the noses.

      I think that we will win more and the noses will lose more. I make it 6 wins 1 draw and 1 loss for us and 2 wins one draw for the noses so that is:

      Villa +19 to give us 68

      Noses + 7 to give them 34

      If I am right then one of us is going down and I really don't want that I look forward to WBA and Wolves coming up to make 4 from the Midlands

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      • It is a good subject!

        I am with Mr Rubble on this one: Villa will win 6 of our remaining fixtures with the draw coming against Everton and the loss against those bell-ends up the M6. I bet you think the same too Barney.

        Just as a point, we have a much easier run in at the end of the season than Portsmouth or Man City, so we should finish at least 6th on paper. Excellent. Also, look at Everton's remaining fixtures: Villa, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool to come (as well as WHU and Boro). The gap will certainly get smaller with Everton over the rest of the season.

        The Birmingham Association of Complete Losers will probably only pick up 3 more points all season coming in three draws. With away games to Fulham and Reading (which I have down as a loss both times) in the next few games I am afraid B-losers are more certain to go down than Lewinski. Out of interest Barney - who did you have them down as beating? And Dan - 4 wins? You OK mate?

        Final predictions:

        Villa - 68points
        Noses - 30 points

        Obviously these are just my humble opinion, and maybe even slightly influenced by personal preference I must admit! But nothing would please me more than seeing those boring noses go down so they can't pretend they are on any kind of level with us, although I bet they will still try! I would buzz off Wolves and WBA coming up and three midlanders in the league would do very nicely for me.

        Phew, I'm off for a rest.....